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Scott Weiland is honest

If there’s one thing I like, is honesty. And Scott Weiland seems to be full of it (no pun intended… maybe).

In his recent memoir book (everyone’s an author now, huh?) he admits the decision to join Velvet Revolver was solely based on money, as he thought the band sounded like Bad Company at first. He hates Bad Company, apparently, so that’s a polite way of saying they suck.

I’m so sick of musicians sugarcoating everything and lying about stuff, this type of statement is a breath of fresh air. Musicians have to eat too, and their only job is playing music, so of course they’re bound to make some decision based on money.

It’s nice to have integrity but remember, integrity hardly pays your bills. You need to be rich as hell to be able to say ‘no,’ and not every musician affords to pass on big checks. Granted, a lot of filthy rich people are still greedy enough to sell everything, and that’s too bad, but not everyone is a sellout. There’s no such thing as a free meal and unless you’re offering to pay their bills yourself, stop demanding so much from musicians.

Anyway, read the whole excerpt here. He admits the band had great chemistry so it’s not all bad, eh?


No Santa Weiland this year

Scott Weiland

Jingle balls Scott Weiland fans, his planned Christmas album won’t be done in time this year, because Scott is a bit too busy drinking working with Stone Temple Pilots. So if you feel like rocking out to a traditional Christmas album by an untraditional singer, mark December 2011 as the time to check out the bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart. More info after the jump.



Scott Weiland (pictured above) is drunk even when sober. Hear him mumble in an interview even though he claimed to be on the wagon.

Honda is trying to be cool, so their new minivan commercial features Judas Priests‘ “The Hellion.” See the commercial, after the jump.

And speaking of Judas, Rob Halford was recently interviewed on a radio show named after a Boss pedal (The Metalzone).

Altars of Destruction released a new music video. Is it any good? No. Does it look like a home video from the 80s? Yes. Can I watch it after the jump? Hell yeah.


Stone Temple Pilots do fans a favor

According to El Paso Times, the Stone Temple Pilots concert scheduled for tonight (Tuesday, September 21) at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas has been “postponed.

It is thought that the reason behind the postponement is Scott Weiland sparing his fans of another God-awful gig. See? Some rockstars care about their fans.


Scott Weiland is multi-talented

Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver and Underwater Blowjob Part III fame, is a designer also.

Weiland For English Laundry, which is a collaboration between him and some other homo designer, features t-shirts, pants, scarves, vests and every other apparel you need to get your ass kicked in school.

I think that fashion and music really go hand-in-hand, said Weiland.Especially when you need money bad, completed Alex.

Full article, with a sample of his work, here.

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