Scott Weiland is honest

If there’s one thing I like, is honesty. And Scott Weiland seems to be full of it (no pun intended… maybe).

In his recent memoir book (everyone’s an author now, huh?) he admits the decision to join Velvet Revolver was solely based on money, as he thought the band sounded like Bad Company at first. He hates Bad Company, apparently, so that’s a polite way of saying they suck.

I’m so sick of musicians sugarcoating everything and lying about stuff, this type of statement is a breath of fresh air. Musicians have to eat too, and their only job is playing music, so of course they’re bound to make some decision based on money.

It’s nice to have integrity but remember, integrity hardly pays your bills. You need to be rich as hell to be able to say ‘no,’ and not every musician affords to pass on big checks. Granted, a lot of filthy rich people are still greedy enough to sell everything, and that’s too bad, but not everyone is a sellout. There’s no such thing as a free meal and unless you’re offering to pay their bills yourself, stop demanding so much from musicians.

Anyway, read the whole excerpt here. He admits the band had great chemistry so it’s not all bad, eh?

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