Remember the one with Corey and Velvet Revolver?

Corey Taylor

Hey guys, remember me? I used to write for this website a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away). Lame puns? Well, forgive me, I’m a little bit rusty. But it’s okay, that means I’m still metal, right? Get it, metal, rust? Still got it.

I’ve thought long and hard about what could make my comeback as lame as the jokes I would be using, so I naturally went to Dose of Metal’s frontpage and checked to see the last time any Corey Taylor news were posted. Nothing on the front page = start looking for some.

The article I found is about as interesting as my last article on the website is fresh (slightly more than my underwear. Fresh, that is, nothing interesting in there) — there are still rumors about Corey Taylor and Velvet Revolver floating around. What the fuck? I thought that story has been told about a gazillion times and that it’s over, and I was all ready to follow Corey’s soap with Slipknot, now all of a sudden this again? To be short and on point — Matt Sorum calls Corey a sweetheart and whatnot in some interview, and mentions they have like an album worth of songs. And it’s like super awesome. Read the interview here. Warning: clicking on that link will shrink your penis.

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