Brad Delson Facts

Screw Chuck Norris, he can’t even play guitar. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing… The Brad Delson facts.

Brad Delson can do two hand tapping with a single hand.

Brad Delson can play multiple scales with open strings.

– Eddie Van Halen stole ‘Eruption’ from Brad Delson’s warm-up exercise.

– If you play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards, you hear a message praising Satan. If you play Satan’s music backwards, you hear a message praising Brad Delson.

– The Big Four is the nickname given to the bands that Brad Delson turned down, before joining Linkin Park.

Brad Delson can do a pinch harmonic without pinching the string.

Brad Delson doesn’t do string skipping on purpose. Some strings are just too afraid and hide.

– Christians pray to Jesus, Jesus prays to God, God prays to Brad Delson.

– What does Brad Delson do when he breaks a string? Nothing, he still has 4 left before he needs to worry.

Brad Delson was offered his own ‘Guitar Hero’ game. The project failed because it was impossible to beat.

– In recent Linkin Park shows, Brad Delson plays keyboards too. He handles guitar duties with his other hand.

Brad Delson and Brian Carroll had a guitar shredding show-off. The guy who lost would be punished by wearing a KFC bucket on his head for the rest of his life.

– Jimi Hendrix copied Brad Delson’s hair-style. He wasn’t talented enough to copy his guitar playing.

Brad Delson’s guitar playing is so powerful, he sometimes goes through the entire show without being plugged to the PA.

– When asked why he doesn’t do guitar solos, Brad Delson said that the world isn’t ready for them yet.

– Chuck Norris was bullied in school by Brad Delson

Brad Delson is largely responsible for Linkin Park’s eclectic mix of pure, untainted emotion and brutal death metal. by Phillip

– Kurt Cobain didn’t commit suicide. His face exploded after he heard Brad Delson’s demo tape. by Phillip

– Tony Iommi downtuned his guitar to achieve the heavy Brad Delson sound and thus, heavy metal was born. by Phillip

Brad Delson can play Raining Blood without a guitar pick. Or a guitar. by Phillip

– Kurt Cobain’s last words were rumored to be ‘I’ll never be as good as Brad Delsonby Mental Aquaducts

– At the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Brad Delson actually melted all the faces with his playing. by Mental Aquaducts

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