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Do you like Van Halen and men?

Van Halen‘s “Hot For Teacher” has been covered by that one show Glee. I honestly don’t know exactly what the show is about, so I’m assuming the clip above is from there. Maybe it isn’t, I really don’t know…

If you want to see Karl Pilkington do another VH classic, “Jump,” then make the JUMP! Get it? Haha, I’m priceless!


Van Halen will make live announcement

I’ve always hated metal blogs who are basically Blabbermouth copy-pasters, but I’m quite lazy right now, so this is my tribute to them:

Van Halen is rumored to be making a “special live announcement” at the ‘Grammy Nominations Concert Live’ in Los Angeles. The 54th annual Grammy Awards‘ nominations will be announced on Wednesday, November 30, at 10 p.m. live from Nokia Theatre L.A. Live., and will be broadcast by the CBS network.”

Read full article here.

Special live announcement, huh? Oh boy, oh boy, I’m so anxious. Maybe they’re releasing an iPhone app or something!

Oh goody, I’m SO looking forward to the Grammy nominations concert, like WOW.


Van Halen II: The discussion

To say about Van Halen II that the title says it all, would be an understatement. But let’s break it down, anyway, in case a juggalo is reading this.

The ‘Van Halen’ in ‘Van Halen II’ means it’s an album by the band Van Halen. ‘II’ stands for ‘second,’ because it’s their sophomore effort. Mr. Wikipedia, at your service.

Leaving bad jokes and sarcasm aside, there’s a podcast out there called “Mars Attacks,” and they got a bunch of musicians together to talk about this album. What musicians? Well, people like Charlie Benante, Glen Drover and Gene Hoglan, and others…

You can listen to the podcast right here: [audio:http://marsattacksradio.com/Interviews/Mars_Attacks_Podcast_046_-_VHII.mp3]

Download here.

Source: MarsAttacksRadio.com


Sevendust drummer likes new Van Halen album

Today I’m just full of sensational, exciting headline titles. Can you tell?

According to Blabbermouth (who in turn probably borrowed this news from somewhere else), the Sevendust drummer has apparently heard some of the new Van Halen album, and not just that, he also thinks it’s “fucking killer” (how badass are we? We don’t even censor it like Blabbermouth).

Wow, is anyone else amazed by this news? I’m pretty sure if I was in Sevendust I’d think the Spice Girls reunion album is ground breaking. More important news would be regarding Sevendust and why they still exist. Seriously, I want to know why.

In other news, I just heard my mom sing and it was “fucking killer”.


Download announcement soon

All you Download festival go-ers will be happy to hear that a big announcement will be coming November 29th, which will include 2 of the 3 headliners being announced. Also, early bird tickets will be available from December 3rd.

Lots of rumors have been circulating regarding possible headliners, with the following names all being mentioned: System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Muse, Sound Garden, Bon Jovi and Van Halen. We can only hope and pray that most of those aren’t true.

You can follow the organiser, Andy Copping, to get all your Download news straight to your Twitter feed.

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