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In other nu metal news… Sevendust are still around


Sevendust, the band that wasn’t on my radar even when nu metal was huge and I was a misunderstood teenage girl who listened to Korn on her discman, have announced via their guitar player (Clint Lowry’s the name, hiding behind Korn’s amps is the game) that they are writing a “heavy” new album.

Let me guess, it’s also “back to roots,” “heaviest album yet,” “good,” yadda-yadda…Apparently, these guys have a core group of fans who are still around to buy their albums and talk how this band was actually good and shit like that. Good for them (the band, because they probably weren’t too bright when they chose to play nu metal, and they can use the money), but I never gave two shits. In case you did, leave me your angry message in the comments, I’ll replay it on this week’s Weak Recap, pinky swear.


Weak Recap: We’re with stupid

Aren’t we all a bit stupid at times? You just do something and then get your stupid on. It just happens. And I can’t blame you, for I write for a stupid blog myself with my fellow stupid writers.

Some bassists people do really stupid stuff though. Stuff that is so immensely stupid that you can’t do anything but shake your head and start pointing fingers. Two of those stories are topic to this week’s edition of Weak Recap.

But don’t take my word for it. Make the jump to read Dose of Metal’s recapitulation of the past week. Someone’s got to do it and point fingers.


Sevendust drummer likes new Van Halen album

Today I’m just full of sensational, exciting headline titles. Can you tell?

According to Blabbermouth (who in turn probably borrowed this news from somewhere else), the Sevendust drummer has apparently heard some of the new Van Halen album, and not just that, he also thinks it’s “fucking killer” (how badass are we? We don’t even censor it like Blabbermouth).

Wow, is anyone else amazed by this news? I’m pretty sure if I was in Sevendust I’d think the Spice Girls reunion album is ground breaking. More important news would be regarding Sevendust and why they still exist. Seriously, I want to know why.

In other news, I just heard my mom sing and it was “fucking killer”.


Korn recruits Morgan of Sevendust

Korn are about to lose their only most talented member, the drummer Ray Luzier, for a few shows, as he’s about to give birth or something. I’m sure Korn fans around the world will be weeping, but weep no more, as the band have recruited Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose to take over. I’m pretty sure no one will notice… This band change their members more often than I change my underwear. Although that’s not hard to be fair, I’ve only changed my boxers three times in my life.

Read more here if you’re still into BOOM BADA BOOM music.


Disturbed use music as a weapon

Disturbed are going on tour, with Korn as co-headliners and Sevendust and In This Moment as pizza boys and warm-up acts. The tour is called “Music As A Weapon V.”

Every year we try to up the ante, and this year, by having Korn co-headline, we really think it’s going to be our best tour yet. When the idea first came up, one of the main things both bands agreed upon and wanted to focus on was hitting a lot of smaller markets. It’s exciting to bring a show like this to cities that are usually skipped over on some of the other larger rock tours that only hit the major markets. We have a lot of loyal fans in these cities and we wanted to bring them a show that they deserve. said David Draiman.

For once I’d like some honesty in these statements. How about “Every year we try to up the ante, this year we just couldn’t so we brought in a nu-metal vibe with Korn, hoping nostalgia is bigger than the financial crisis.”

Anyway,  first 1,000 tickets sold get a $5 discount. Does that mean they’re free? I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Oh ah ah ah ah.

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