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Van Halen has a producer

Almost everyone associated with Van Halen is related to Eddie in some way. So imagine my surprise when I found out their new producer is not Eddie‘s niece or something… He doesn’t even have the ‘Van Halen‘ surname.

His name is Ross Hogarth and I could sit here and write some bands he’s worked with… Orrrr, I could go get a delicious ice cream from my fridge and just give you this link.

Decisions decisions…


Van Halen to the rescue!

The fatcats are hoping Van Halen and other bands will ‘save’ the concert industry next year.

Live Nation executive chairman Irving Azoff told analysts the industry is “still not seeing a consumer recovery” in ticket sales, but he was optimistic about next year, specifically mentioning Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac as two acts that could lift ticket sales out of the doldrums.

It’s a good plan, as nostalgic old farts are the perfect target audience for concerts. I only have one question… Who the hell are Fleetwood Mac?

Source: Blabbermouth

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