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Friday Top 10: Love songs

People often prejudge Metal as being an “angry” and “monotonous” genre, which is only concerned with noise and aggression. However, I’m going to prove that this isn’t always the case, as the Metal genre also happens to be home to some of the most emotionally mature and beautiful love songs and ballads.

Want to check out a more emotional side to Metal, then get your dose of love after the jump!


Friday Top 10: Best live albums

What’s better than listening to your favorite album by your favorite band? Seeing your favorite band live. And what’s better than spending your day watching midget porn? Nothing… uh… I wanted to go somewhere with this… oh yeah! What happens when you combine the first question with the first answer? Not listening to your iPod while you’re at a concert, you dumbass, listening to your favorite band’s live album!

You know why metal bands are the best live performers? Because others aren’t metal. So now I’m listing the best fucking live albums… like… EVER!

Make the jump, you fool!


Dose of Love

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means? That’s right, it’s the day I get to watch porn all by myself, all day. Wait… I do that every day.

So ok, Valentine’s day kind of sucks. If you’re single, you get it completely rubbed in your face all day long. If you’re in a relationship, you’re expected to actually pull of some fantastic shit to impress your partner, when actually, you’d rather be down the pub getting drunk with your mates. And then there’s the problems of when you’re in a relationship, but you’re not quite at that stage yet where you know what you to do for Valentine’s day. Do you just do nothing? Send a card? All go all out?

Fuck off, who cares? All I know if I love listening to some fantastic Metal music, regardless of what day it is. So let’s have some slightly Valentine’s day inspired Metal doses today. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get any Linkin Park crap here, I’m still going to be offering some real Metal, it’s just Metal songs about love.

Find out what I mean after the jump. You know you need your Metal dosage.

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