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Back when they were still good: Mudvayne

I know people will argue Mudvayne were never really good, and the make up in the video above won’t help my cause, but I stand behind my point, which is: L.D. 50 was actually a pretty good album, and this band had potential.

Not saying that they had potential to be an overall amazing band, but they had potential to be a solid nu metal version of Tool. Too bad they instead chose to become a shitty nu metal version of Nickelback.

The video above is a live performance of “Prod,” and I believe it was the first video I ever saw by these guys.


Friday Top 10: Shitty sellout songs

This week’s Friday Top 10 is all about those ridiculous ‘sell out’ songs. You know the ones; you have a band that YOU love, it’s YOUR band, and then all of a sudden, they release some bullshit single and every fucker suddenly likes them. Or sometimes bands just like to “broaden their horizons” and “explore new territories” – Read dumb their shit down for the masses or follow the current trend.

Now, I’m not looking to get into a debate about the definition of “sell out” or discuss the pros and cons of bands taking different paths, this is just a bit of fun. So make the jump, and have a laugh at some of these ridiculous songs. Or don’t, I still don’t get paid at the end of the week regardless.


Back when they were still good: Mudvayne

Now they sound like this. ‘Nuff said.


Dose of the Nu

Nu-Metal isn’t exactly the most popular of genres. It’s the guy that never got the prom date, the girl that was still a virgin at 35, and the guy that was always picked last for sports. It’s the underdog, and in many respects, that’s exactly why so many kids identified with the genre. Let’s be honest though, the year is no longer 1999 and most of us have since grown up and realized the music was crap.

However, for every 1,000 misogynistic, shitty songs about sex, and every 2,000 songs about how much parents suck, there was at least one or two gems that actually stood out from the cesspit of a genre.

So, want to listen to 5 Nu-Metal songs that don’t suck (well in my opinion, feel free to disagree)? Then get your dosage after the jump. Before you do though, please realize that I don’t care who or what is Nu-Metal as I don’t even recognize it as a real genre. So don’t bother telling me that some a band is actually “Industrial Aggro Alternative Carnival Funk Grunge Metal” instead please, because not only do I not care, I also don’t care.


Mudvayne make movies

Well, not really, but three of their videos made it into an European film festival. This is about as exciting as finding out the turtle’s penis is in its tail.

“The three consecutive experimental music videos for Mudvayne’s “Scream With Me,” “Heard It All Before” and “Beautiful and Strange” have been accepted to Europe’s largest film festival:  Raindance. These non-performance videos tell the story of Satan’s grisly attempts in conceiving his first human child on Earth. The trilogy is to be screened at the 18th annual Raindance film festival, as it was originally intended to be seen: in true eye-popping HD.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but that text is just plain stupid. First of all, Raindance is not the largest film festival in Europe. Ever heard of the Cannes Film Festival? Yeah. It’s where everyone goes. Who the hell ever heard of “Raindance”? No wonder they got in. They’ll probably even accept my YouTube video of my cat shitting in my soup.

Secondly,  “Satan’s grisly attempts in conceiving his first human child on Earth?” — Is this a story about Sharon Osbourne? She already has a few kids…

And last but not least. “True eye-popping HD?” Hahahaha… Jesus Christ, the only eye popping you’ll see will be from the audience, gouging their eyes out to stop all the visual atrocity. Seriously awful news. It’s not even news, I apologize. More of my laughs, after the jump.

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