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Led Zeppelin reunion is not happening

Above you have an interview with Jason Bonham, who claims a true Led Zeppelin reunion is a ‘dead issue.’ Now, it’s not like we should believe a guy who just happens to be the son of Zeppelin‘s drummer, but it’s definitely not good news for people like me, who really wanted to see that band live.

Let’s hope they change their mind though, and by that I mean, let’s hope someone offers them enough money.

But hey, at least we might get a Black Sabbath reunion, right? And Down are recording vocals for a new album. So it’s not all bad.


Enslaved get their cover on

The Norwegian extreme Progressive Metal monsters, Enslaved, recently played a special show on May 29 at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo.

What made the show so special, I hear you ask? And you’d be right to ask that considering my absence. Well, knowing the huge wealth of influences the band have, Enslaved were asked to provide a special setlist of covers as well as original songs. The band covered a range of artists, including Faith No More, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush and King Crimson. A band doing covers? What an original concept.

You can check out videos of their covers of Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Immigrant Song’ and King Crimson‘s ‘Red’ after the jump.


Overrated? Hell no!

Ever get sick of that one friend who claims he’s the biggest fan of a band, yet his favorite song is the band’s biggest and most well known hit? That song is soooo overrated right? Actually no, it’s not in some cases. Today’s random rant from myself, is about three of the greatest songs of all time (in my opinion), that make all the clichéd lists and fans of the band’s sometimes look down upon. Look the songs are well renowned for a reason…

Check the rant after the jump.


Young kids and instruments

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Stairway To Heaven” solo. One of the best solos of all time butchered by a sloppy little kid. Now, the first seconds sound okay, you think “Damn, he’s good!” but then he already messes up the second chord. Then comes the actual solo.

I don’t want to be mean, but let’s just call it a first degree murder. Someone needs to practice his pentatonic scales a bit more. Sloppy.

My rating:


Steven Tyler said no to Led Zeppelin

Steven Tyler

And pigs flew out of his mouth today. According to Mr. Idol, he was offered a spot in the band after the full-time reunion of Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant didn’t work out in 2007:

“I looked Jimmy in the eyes and it came time for him to say, ‘You want to write a record with me?’” Tyler said. “I went, ‘No.’ I’m in Aerosmith. He’s in the biggest band in the world and I’m in a band like that. I have such an allegiance to my band and I love it so much.”

I’ve never bought an Aerosmith album, and I’m not buying this either. I mean, is there an easier way to hype up your new album and keep fans calm, than to say you’re so loyal to them, you actually refused to play in a good band?

By the way, his hype building abilities aren’t that great, because all the drama earlier didn’t really help American Idol, whose premiere took a dive. Guess America said no to him, because they’re loyal to their Brit.

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