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Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page recently discussed his new limited edition autobiographical book, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, in the latest issue of the bi-annual arts magazine, Lid.

The book has been awarded numerous awards, such as ‘most original title’, ‘best book about Jimmy Page and written by Jimmy Page’ and ‘limited edition book released in the most numbers.’

It’s 2010 and washed up musicians are still releasing books. Will Mark still not be reading them? Unfortunately so, as I still can’t read or write.

If you can read, however, you might want to check out the full story over at Blabbermouth.


Jason Bonham wants an identity

Jason Bonham wants his own identity…. He says while promoting his Led Zeppelin tribute band.

PioneerPress.com recently conducted an interview with drummer Jason Bonham. When asked about living with his father’s legacy, Jason responded that:

“It is hard to have your own identity when you dad is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, but I accept and love the fact of who my dad is. I understand that my dad is the greatest, I just try to play to the best of my ability.”

Yes, I imagine it must be hard trying to gain your own identity Jason, but I would probably take that claim more seriously if it were coming from an interview that isn’t about promoting your Led Zeppelin tribute band… I can’t imagine playing with Led Zeppelin, and forming your own tribute band, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, really helps you. Not to mention always using your dad’s legacy to sell yourself… Just saying.


Robert Plant interviewed

Robert Plant was recently interviewed by “Legends of Classic Rock”.  I’m pretty sure that’s a radio station, but to be honest, I don’t really care. I’m not a middle-aged man going through the male menopause, with a sudden interest in old washed-up has-beens.

In defence of Plant though, at least he’s doing what he wants to do, instead of selling himself out for a Led Zeppelin reunion. It’s just a shame the only thing people are interested in, with regards to his music, is a Zeppelin reunion. Apart from me, because I don’t care for that either. Don’t get me wrong, the guys are legends and I love their music, but watching the band perform with zimmer frames, and tuned down by nearly an octave because Robert Plant can’t reach the high notes anymore, is hardly Rock and Roll.

Interview here.


Stairway to Number 1

I don’t know what to make of Jimmy Page. He looks like he’s gonna lecture me on how human beings are a type 0 civilization and that we need a few million years to evolve into type 1. Or that the “river of time” is bent like a pretzel thus allowing time travel.

Either way, he topped Gibson’s Top 50 Guitar Solos of All time for his solo in Stairway to Heaven. I can’t really comment much, this is a pretty good list. While all of us might want some songs higher or lower on that list, overall, it’s a pretty good one. Read it after the jump.

When asked if he’s content with being #22 on that list, Kirk Hammett answered “Dunlop’s Crybaby Wah list had me at #1, this list is bullshit.”


Robert Plant is on TV. Allegedly.

Heartbreaker Robert Plant‘s got a whole lotta love for TV, which is his stairway to heaven. (subtle, huh? hugz)

Problem is, nobody wants him, so he’s made up some news on his own. Read this paragraph and tell me if the name of the alleged host doesn’t sound made up.

“Plant will be the featured guest on tonight’s (Monday, September 20) edition of “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.” The program, which airs at 11:00 p.m. on CBC in Canada, is hosted by Canadian television and radio personality George Stroumboulopoulos.”

Oh… Okay Robert. We’ll be watching (wink, wink). I hope you’ll catch us on TV as well, we’ll be the main guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Jeakerudoupulouslesuous next week.

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