Overrated? Hell no!

Ever get sick of that one friend who claims he’s the biggest fan of a band, yet his favorite song is the band’s biggest and most well known hit? That song is soooo overrated right? Actually no, it’s not in some cases. Today’s random rant from myself, is about three of the greatest songs of all time (in my opinion), that make all the clichéd lists and fans of the band’s sometimes look down upon. Look the songs are well renowned for a reason…

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And why not start this post, with one of the more controversial bands to some Metal fans? Led Zeppelin are often regarded as one of the most overrated bands of all time by many. However, I have to completely disagree. Zeppelin rewrote the rule book, they helped create Rock, and in addition to that, they helped form Metal. Zeppelin may have ripped off their fair share of riffs and ideas from other bands, but just how many bands in turn have ripped off, or have been “influenced” by Zeppelin? The answer to that is, a hell of a lot.

‘Stairway to Heaven’ still remains the greatest Led Zeppelin song to me, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says, but not only that, it is without a doubt one of the greatest Rock songs of all time. How anyone can call it just ‘ok’ or ‘alright’ is beyond me, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of people say worse about it. The Prog Rock feel, the flutes, the melody, the breakdown, the solo, the lyrics, everything about this song is near perfect.

Black Sabbath, they basically invented heavy fucking Metal. So what’s their most well known song? It’s a song the band wrote in like 5 minutes, just because the Paranoid album (originally to be called War Pigs) was a song short and they needed to beef the length out a little. Because of that, and because it’s been fairly (ok, incredibly) overplayed over the years, a lot of people consider this song overrated. Is it overrated? No, it seriously is one of the greatest fucking Metal tracks ever created. It’s short, fast, and to the point, with an awesome riff. Exactly what a lot of the best Metal tracks all are.

‘One’ is perhaps my favorite Metallica song. Yeah I could opt for one of the band’s “heavy” songs (lulz they have heavy songs?), but what makes this song so brilliant, for me, is the variety of dynamics, with the progression the track makes from a slow, clean start, to a heavy finale and epic solo. The eerie war inspired lyrics, describing a soldier left trapped in his own body, due to his body being severely injured are some of Hetfield’s best. Don’t get me started on the breakdown either. The machine gun inspired guitar/double bass breakdown is pure genius. Hell, it even made the number two list in our Friday Top 10 Breakdowns.

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