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Jane’s Addiction “Underground” video is out

Jane’s Addiction have released a new video, and you can watch it above. I can’t help but point out that Perry Farrel looks like a pimp on crack (totally unrelated to the lyrics, I swear), but besides that, the song’s good, and the video is nicely made. Nothing to write home about, but if you’re not a fan, you probably stopped reading at Jane’s Addiction.


Slipknot, Anthrax, Slayer, Jane’s Addiction members perform together

No doubt you’ve often wondered what it would sound like if members of Slipknot, Anthrax, Slayer, Jane’s Addiction and various other famous bands all got together and performed classic songs. Well, a couple of days ago at the Avalon in Hollywood, California, that’s exactly what happened.

Henry Rollins recruited various musicians to perform in the for a benefit concert, to raise money for Drop In The Bucket, a Los Angeles- and Gulu, Uganda-based non-profit organization that constructs water wells and sanitation systems at large rural schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

You can watch a video of some of the artists performing the classic track ‘Crazy Train’ together above. And don’t worry, luckily, not only can you barely hear Corey Taylor, but he also doesn’t stop to talk about how much he dislikes Rick Rubin or anybody else.

For more videos, information and the setlist, check out Blabbermouth.


Did someone say “More videos?”

I hope they did, because that’s exactly what you’re getting. The one above is by Kittie, the one bellow is by Jane’s Addiction, and both of them kinda suck. Be glad the text in between is fucking amazing.


The weekly playlist: Shit done got stained


If your memory is a wee bit shit, fear not, we have these fancy things called links. Check it out. Aren’t I amazing?

So, last week I decided to write a short playlist article, where I reviewed some new songs. I’m back again, with a silly title (and no, I really don’t know what it means), but it’s more or less the same principle. We’ve had some new (well newish) songs released this week, Guido has introduced me to some new tracks, and well, I’m still as self-indulgent and egotistical as ever, so yes make that jump for this week’s song reviews.


Jane’s new irresistible video

…is not actually a video, it’s a “lyric video.” I guess the band has figured out that making music videos simply doesn’t impress anyone anymore, so for their new song, Irresistible Force, they just hired someone to do a better job than the usual YouTube clip done in iMovie or iFilm or Windows Movie Maker with slapped subtitles in Comic Sans or whatever. Which is fine by me, because a) If I play music over YouTube, I never usually look at the clip, so b) this gives me the incentive to pay more attention to the song itself.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of bands have started doing this recently, I guess because of the YouTube generation and the shortened attention spams of people on internet generally. Kinda funny how things change, and kinda sad I remember the “good times.” Getting old.

Update: So I watched the video again, and noticed that in the end it says an official “real” video will be coming soon. Getting dumb.

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