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Have you ever wondered what we’ve been busy blasting here at the Dose of Metal office? Of course you haven’t, we don’t even have an office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t review some new metal tracks for you, and let you readers know what’s been hogging our stereo.

This week I decided to do something I rarely do – actually check out some new music. I sometimes get so caught up in my own ways, listening to the same bands over again, that I forget their is a wealth of other music out there.

Since this week’s feature is the first, I’m going to review some new tracks from the last month or so, but from next week I’m going to keep it to mainly just new tracks released in that given week. But enough about that, let’s just get on with it shall we? Make the motherflipping jump before I pop a cap in your ass.

Trivium – In Waves

Love them or loathe them, the fact of the matter is Trivium are back and they mean business. I’ve given the band a fair bit of shit in the past, but ‘In Waves’ takes the metallic and melodic range of the band’s past work and ups it by a hundred. The song sees the band gaining confidence in their sound and eases off nicely on the Metallica influences.

‘In Waves’ is taken from the album In Waves, out August 10th via Roadrunner Records.

Sepultura – Kairos

Unlike Trivium, Sepultura have returned to the scene without any of the high production values or cheesy hooks. Instead the band have opted to strip down their sound somewhat since 2009’s A-lex, and rely on the raw energy of the music. ‘Kairos’ is a stomping track from what is considered by many as the band’s strongest album since the Max years.

‘Kairos’ is taken from the album Kairos, out now via Nuclear Blast.

All Shall Perish – Divine Illusion

As I reported earlier this week, All Shall Perish‘s new album is available to stream in its entirety. ‘Divine Illusion’ is the only track I’ve heard, and it’s not what I thought the band would be like at all. I always thought All Shall Perish were more of a metalcore band, but if this track is anything to go by, the band are more death metal is style. At least they are musically, but unfortunately, vocally the band are very much deathcore. Ultimately the track isn’t bad, but it’s very generic.

‘Divine Illusion’ is taken from the album This is Where it Ends, out now via Nuclear Blast.

Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard

Abandoning the death metal growls for just the second time in the band’s career, Opeth are back with a track that is perhaps musically the biggest departure the band have made in their 19 year career. Sounding like some lost relic from a 70’s psychedelic prog classic, ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ comes across as an insane mix of Caravan, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Purists and disbelievers may look away in disgust, but the rest of us open minded folk may just find one of the best songs of the year.

‘The Devil’s Orchard’ is taken from the album Heritage, out September 16 via Roadrunner Records.

Decapitated – United

Not abandoning their death metal roots, is extreme metallers Decapitated. The band return with a song that is so fucking huge, and so fucking heavy that is just made me use ‘fucking’ three times in a sentence. ‘United’ is a fantastic return for the band and will make you bang your head so much it’ll leave you with permanent damage. Be warned.

‘United’ is taken from the album Carnival is Forever, out now via Nuclear Blast.

Rise to Remain – City of Vultures

Rise to Remain gained hype and support of a label through hard work, dedication and awesome music. The fact their vocalist and frontman is the son of Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson, has little to do with it. Ok, that’s harsh of me. This is my first time listening to the band, and actually, they’re not too bad. The song begins with a fairly straight forward, yet decent, metalcore style introduction, before breaking into what initially seems like a fairly cheesy clean sung chorus. Following this though, ‘City of Vultures’ really comes into its own. Musically, it’s nothing ground breaking, but the song is catchy, dynamic and left me wanting to hear more. Bring on the debut album!

‘City of Vultures’ is taken from the album City of Vultures, out September 5 via EMI.

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