The weekly playlist: Shit done got stained


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So, last week I decided to write a short playlist article, where I reviewed some new songs. I’m back again, with a silly title (and no, I really don’t know what it means), but it’s more or less the same principle. We’ve had some new (well newish) songs released this week, Guido has introduced me to some new tracks, and well, I’m still as self-indulgent and egotistical as ever, so yes make that jump for this week’s song reviews.

Staind – Eyes Wide Open

Released a couple of weeks ago on Youtube, and this week as a free download on Roadrunner Records’ website, Staind have produced another dull attempt at alternative rock. The new album is allegedly their predictable ‘back to roots’ album, which means they’ve “done got heavy” again, or something. In their defence, if what they’re attempting to do is return to the sound of their first two albums, then they’ve achieved it. Other than that though, the song is dull, tired and forgettable.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ is taken from the album Staind, out September 13th via Roadrunner Records.

Man Must Die – Hiding in Plain Sight

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ is a new demo from Man Must Die‘s upcoming, as yet untitled, forthcoming album. The song is a classic example of Technical Death Metal, with varying dynamics, extreme vocals, and altering time signatures. Musically, the band are proficient players and the songwriting is top notch. However, the song is noticeably still in its demo stages, and the gang chants are a little irritating at times, but other than that, the song is good and I for one will be looking forward to the new album.

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ is taken from the forthcoming as yet untitled album.

Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force

I’ve never been the biggest Jane’s Addiction fan, if truth be told, but the band’s new song ‘Irresistible Force’ is fairly catchy, I must admit. Ok, so it’s kind of slow and meandering, without ever really going anywhere, but I just really dig the vibe of the song. The verses, vocals and chorus really work well together. No, the band really aren’t Metal, but I won’t hold it against them… This time.

‘Irresistible Force is taken from the album The Great Escape Artist, out September 27 via Capitol.

Click here to listen

Colonel Blast – Power by Proxy

Bah, trust Guido to ruin this week’s playlist. Just kidding, it’s not his fault, but he recommended me a song to check out, that happens to be one that I cannot find on Youtube, or any other streaming service, for that matter. You lazy fucks will have to make do with clicking the above link (I know, it’s terrible. How will you survive?). I promise it’ll be worth it though. Guido recently reviewed Colonel Blast‘s debut album and awarded it with a perfect 5 skulls rating. This track, ‘Power by Proxy’, isn’t on the album, but it does kick ass. It was on the Split Roast EP and presumably will be on the band’s next album. Maybe. The song is begins as a relentless Black Metal assault, before breaking down into a beautiful ‘Cult of Luna-esque’ movement, before reaching a heavy climatic ending. Brutal, yet progressive stuff.

‘Power by Proxy’ is taken from the album Split Roast, out now via Condate Records.

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