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Go shorty, is yo’ birthday

James is old enough to be my dad. Literally. He’s just a few years younger than my dad. I don’t know if that means he’s way too old, or that I’m way too young. All I know is, how the fuck does one jerk off in his youth without the interwebz? That must have sucked for him. Probably why most of Metallica‘s riffs are down-picked.

Anyway, it’s his birthday today, and if you’re wondering how I know this, it’s because my Facebook feed was filled with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES HETFIELD” posts. Yeah, I’ve friended a lot of Metallica fans on Facebook.

So Jaymz just turned 48, two more years and he’ll be half a century old. On behalf of everyone at Dose of Metal, I want to wish this old bastard guy a happy birthday.

Incidentally, Metallica also has a big birthday coming up — their 30th. Stay tuned on Dose of Metal, where we’ll be celebrating 30 years of Metallica by doing nothing at all, really, because why would we?

Have a good one, Jaymz.



James Hetfield’s house is bigger than your country

You know you’re filthy rich when your city has to pay $650,000 to build a road around your property.

Work is under way on a Northern California hiking trail being built at a cost of more than $650,000 to bypass the home of Metallica front man James Hetfield. […] The new path stems from a 2008 dispute in which Hetfield erected a metal fence blocking a portion of the old trail running through in Marin County land. He complained trail users were damaging his property.

Read full article here.

That metal fence is the only metal thing about James these days. And if you’re wondering why that is, well, let’s just say he would have lived in a much smaller house had he stuck to thrash metal.


Who are Ghost?

Apparently there’s some mysterious Swedish buzz band creating quite a bit of hype in the Metal world, called Ghost. Who are they? They dress like me when I go to work (which might explain why I’ve been fired from my last 3 jobs – since I’m not a Satanic priest) and perform some bizarre sort of 70’s Prog Rock mixed with Black Metal.

They don’t sound particularly good in the above video, so they’re probably just some randomers. Apparently James Hetfield likes them though, so they must be good.


Buy the Jaymz pickups, fools!

James Hetfield may be one of the most underrated guitarists in metal. Some of you may disagree since Metallica gets a lot of credit as a band but, think about it, most people think of James as the vocalist. It’s Kirk who made all the ‘Top Guitarists’ lists and few people realize James wrote most of the guitar riffs in this band.

Therefore I think he really is underrated as an axeman since whenever I say he’s one of my favorite guitarists, people chuckle and answer back “LOL, he is teh singer!!111”

So when I said you could also play guitar like him, I lied. But I did mention his pickups before, so make the jump to watch a two-part interview with him about his guitar playing.

I reviewed his signature picks and kinda saw them as kinda useless since they’re expensive (but nice), but his EMG pickups are responsible for the signature Metallica sound so I’d definitely get them. Although I’d probably just get his classic 81/60 setup.


James Hetfield in the Hall of Fame

Just yesterday none other than Metallica’s James Hetfield was inducted into the Downey High School Hall of Fame.

Wait, High School Hall of Fame? What? Since when do high schools have Hall of Fames? Where was I when that happened and why did nobody ask me about my opinion?

This is not news. Next.

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