Buy the Jaymz pickups, fools!

James Hetfield may be one of the most underrated guitarists in metal. Some of you may disagree since Metallica gets a lot of credit as a band but, think about it, most people think of James as the vocalist. It’s Kirk who made all the ‘Top Guitarists’ lists and few people realize James wrote most of the guitar riffs in this band.

Therefore I think he really is underrated as an axeman since whenever I say he’s one of my favorite guitarists, people chuckle and answer back “LOL, he is teh singer!!111”

So when I said you could also play guitar like him, I lied. But I did mention his pickups before, so make the jump to watch a two-part interview with him about his guitar playing.

I reviewed his signature picks and kinda saw them as kinda useless since they’re expensive (but nice), but his EMG pickups are responsible for the signature Metallica sound so I’d definitely get them. Although I’d probably just get his classic 81/60 setup.

Part I:

Part II:

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