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Sweet sexy succulent Satan, Ghost released their first video today

Continuing their downward spiral, the sellout band Ghost (or Ghost B.C. as they go by these days) just released their first official video, for the previously released track “Secular Haze.”

I remember those good old days of almost 13 months ago, when when this band made simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom music and gave me credibility on obscure metal forums, but suddenly it feels like they’ve been making all the wrong moves. The new song is simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom, and I guess it’s still pretty good, but I don’t feel as comfortable with it as I did all those moons ago. Fuck this band.



Ghost are keeping things fresh. Too bad it’s not 1970.

Ghost are trying to keep things sounding contemporary. But their idea is to sound like they’re in the 70s, so they’re a bit behind with the times.

A lot of stoner and doom bands, they wanna sound like a lo-fi band, so they basically want to sound unproduced, whereas the idea of Ghost is to sound like a very, very expensive record back from the ’70s — like a really produced, top-notch record from that time. I guess that makes us a bit different from a lot of the bands that try to sound like a ’70s band.”

Read full article here.

Aww, so ‘The Artist’ won a lot of Oscars by emulating old cinema, and bands are trying to pull it off as well, huh? That’s cute.

I want to write for a site that has a 90s vibe to it. You know, with Geocities hosting, a lot of stolen gif animations, a few videos from Real Player and news about this awesome up-and-coming metal genre that has rap influences. Then I’m gonna go watch the Tom Green show.



Ghost has written most of next album

One of The Nameless Ghouls from Ghost has been interviewed for Blistering.com and we’re here to bring you the best bit. Answering the question about the progress of the new album, he stated most of the material has been written already:

“Most of the material has been written already.”

Woah. But wait, there’s more!

“Throughout the production and writing, we’ve been using the word “divine” a lot. Whereas with the first album, the sound was slightly “wooden,” we want the new album to be stone and golden in terms of being lavished and divine. So we are trying to paint an even more solemn religion and there’s all sorts of dramatic steps forward. The first album is about the arrival of the anti-Christ, about a coming darkness. The new album will about a current darkness, the presence of the devil, how it relates to divinity and how it’s futile you grasp whatever is divine.”

That’s awesome! I can’t wait for the new album to come out so I can shun it because they got big and kinda sold out. Also, can’t wait to get my new Wayfarers. Keepin’ it hardcore.


Ghost, Mastodon and Opeth tour is on

Ya heard? We don’t be lyin’. Satan represent!

Ghost, Mastodon and Opeth tour has been speculated, kinda confirmed and now completely confirmed by Mastodon themselves.

“…We go to Australia take part in the “Soundwave Festival“, which is going to be lovely… Take a short break. Do a North American tour with Opeth and Ghost. And then take another break and come back over here for the European festival season.” – Source

The interview I got this from can be seen here, and above you can check out a clip by Ghost to get a dose all sorts of awesomeness you can expect on the tour.


Who are Ghost?

Apparently there’s some mysterious Swedish buzz band creating quite a bit of hype in the Metal world, called Ghost. Who are they? They dress like me when I go to work (which might explain why I’ve been fired from my last 3 jobs – since I’m not a Satanic priest) and perform some bizarre sort of 70’s Prog Rock mixed with Black Metal.

They don’t sound particularly good in the above video, so they’re probably just some randomers. Apparently James Hetfield likes them though, so they must be good.

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