Learn to play guitar like Jaymz

I think we can all agree that James Hetfield is one of the best metal guitarists around. He may not be a lead guitarist, but he wrote Master Of Puppets. Enough said. That’s like a ‘get out of a metal argument free card’ or something.

– Metallica did this and that, I hate them now!
– But dude, they wrote Master Of Puppets.
– Damn, you’re right.

Anyway, want to play guitar just like him? It’s possible. You must get his new signature EMG pickups, though. That’s all you need, really… Oh, you also need talent, but that’s a relative term these days (Lady Gaga anyone?).

Make the jump for a teaser clip of the pickups. To be honest, they look badass.


Source: Blabbermouth

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