Go shorty, is yo’ birthday

James is old enough to be my dad. Literally. He’s just a few years younger than my dad. I don’t know if that means he’s way too old, or that I’m way too young. All I know is, how the fuck does one jerk off in his youth without the interwebz? That must have sucked for him. Probably why most of Metallica‘s riffs are down-picked.

Anyway, it’s his birthday today, and if you’re wondering how I know this, it’s because my Facebook feed was filled with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES HETFIELD” posts. Yeah, I’ve friended a lot of Metallica fans on Facebook.

So Jaymz just turned 48, two more years and he’ll be half a century old. On behalf of everyone at Dose of Metal, I want to wish this old bastard guy a happy birthday.

Incidentally, Metallica also has a big birthday coming up — their 30th. Stay tuned on Dose of Metal, where we’ll be celebrating 30 years of Metallica by doing nothing at all, really, because why would we?

Have a good one, Jaymz.


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