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Weak Recap: The Big Fourth


Welcome to yet another Weak Recap. Last week, Mark did me, so this week I’ll be returning the favor. We’re also taking turns interviewing each other. As usual, we’re looking back at the week’s most important headlines. Why? Because repetition is the mother of all learning. And it’s also a pretty easy way to make another post without being original at all.

Make the jump to get reminded of how awesome we were throughout the week.


Evile know what day it is

If you’re a fan of Rebecca Black (and you should be) then you’re in luck… Evile sang a bit of “Friday” while playing around with auto-tune. The result? Better than the original, of course.

Fun fun fun fun…

Anyway, make the jump for the video… If you live under a rock and you don’t know Rebecca Black, click here first.


Evile to enter studio

Good news if you have good taste in music (and you should do, you’re reading Dose of Metal for Christ’s sake); Evile, the British Thrash revivalists, have announced they shall be entering the studio this weekend to begin work on their third album.

That should help dilute and destroy the wave of shit music we’ve had recently. Well… a little.

Lead guitarist Ol Drake commented: “This has been one hell of a 2011 already. We’ve been working non-stop on the material for Evile‘s third album since early last year, and the past few months saw the workload pile up drastically. We’re on top of it though.

Source: Blabbermouth


Thrash ’til Death – Big Four times four

I’m a Thrash Metalhead. I love Thrash Metal as much as the next guy, if the next guy is a badass who loves Thrash Metal as much as I do.

Metalheads have been speculating about The Big Four for a while now. Who deserves to be there, who would make it into a “Big Five” and so on…

It got me thinking… Who would be my personal Big Four? I couldn’t decide so I wrote a list of all the thrash bands I consider awesome and I came up with a total of 16 bands. Being the math genius that I am, I realized that’s four big fours because 4 times 4 equals 16. See? You’re learning about metal AND math from my lectures.

So I’m dividing my list into four separate groups. Each group is led by a genuine Big Four band (this week it’s Metallica, next week it’s Slayer, etc…) and has 3 other thrash bands that I like.

When you make the jump, keep in mind this is purely a list of thrash acts I like and has got nothing to do with success, influence or anything else.


The Big 5: New school thrash bands

I think most of us can agree that thrash is an awesome genre, one of the best genres in metal.  I mean, you got Testament, Sodom, ExodusDeath Angel and obviously a lot more.  These bands released wicked albums 20 plus years ago and some of them are still releasing  quality albums. (Death Angel being the best today but that’s for another discussion).  Also, you can’t forget The Big Four, these guys are the reason why thrash metal is still a respected genre to this day.  Master Of Puppets, Rust In Peace, Among The Living, Reign In Blood, these albums are classics – not just in thrash, but in metal history.

But what about the new bands? Is there a new Big Four?  No, but I decided to list the five biggest new school thrash bands today.   Two of the bands are somewhat popular in metal already, the other three are up and coming and releasing awesome stuff.

So, if you’re someone stuck listening to the oldies (don’t worry, I’m not telling you to stop), then give some of the new guys a chance.

Make the jump for the Top 5 new school thrash bands.

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