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Video of the Week: Death Angel

Death Angel started in 1982, yet in the video above, which comes off their latest album ‘Relentless Retribution’ from 2009, they still look young as hell. At least, younger than all the other bands that started around that time.

Fun fact, Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda, who was a roadie for the band before joining, did his first gig with Death Angel at a concert with Megadeth, who featured Kerry King on guitars during that time. Sweet, huh?

So anyhow, the video above for ‘Truce’ was the latest music video from Death Angel so far. Check it out, it’s killer.


Death Angel answer fan questions

A couple of weeks ago, Death Angel opened up a Q&A section on their official site.   Fans have the opportunity to ask any member anything they want.  Death Angel uploaded their first video on March 18th, their second video on March 24th and just recently their third video, which, in my opinion, is the most important question of them all:  Iron Maiden OR Judas Priest?

It’s a tough question! It’s like asking who do you love more, mommy or daddy?  Who is more intense, Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers?  Better basketball player, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?  Who gave you the best lap dance from the strip bar the other night?  You just can’t decide!

The boys in Death Angel also had trouble.  Luckily, they seem to have answers and you can see what they said, after you make the jump.


Thrash ’til Death – Big Four times four

I’m a Thrash Metalhead. I love Thrash Metal as much as the next guy, if the next guy is a badass who loves Thrash Metal as much as I do.

Metalheads have been speculating about The Big Four for a while now. Who deserves to be there, who would make it into a “Big Five” and so on…

It got me thinking… Who would be my personal Big Four? I couldn’t decide so I wrote a list of all the thrash bands I consider awesome and I came up with a total of 16 bands. Being the math genius that I am, I realized that’s four big fours because 4 times 4 equals 16. See? You’re learning about metal AND math from my lectures.

So I’m dividing my list into four separate groups. Each group is led by a genuine Big Four band (this week it’s Metallica, next week it’s Slayer, etc…) and has 3 other thrash bands that I like.

When you make the jump, keep in mind this is purely a list of thrash acts I like and has got nothing to do with success, influence or anything else.


New Music Videos by Ozzy and Death Angel

Who loves music videos? Raise your hands. I don’t see no raised hands. Maybe because I’m sitting all alone in front of my computer and I don’t see a point in lifting my hand when no one’s around to see it. I should have asked that question when people are actually around. Plan B: “Don’t ask questions, just state your own opinion and don’t give a damn about what anybody else thinks.” I don’t like music videos, they bore me to death. If I want to listen to music, I’ll just turn on music. I don’t need YouTube for that.

But anyhow, for those who actually care for music videos, I got two brand new videos for you. Ozzy Osbourne released a music video for ‘Let it Die’. ‘Let it Die’ eh? That’s what your fans said. Also, Death Angel released a video for ‘River of Rapture’. Watch both videos after the jump, or do as I do and well, don’t.


Death Angel release new video

Remember when we told you about Death Angel shooting a video for ‘Truce’, which comes off their latest album ‘Relentless Retribution’?

Well, Death Angel finally released said video. Were my predictions, of it being a cross of Saw, Crank and Indiana Jones, right? Probably not. Check it out after the jump.

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