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Evile Gaga

Ok, I’m not sure why, how, who, or what in God’s name this is, but it seems that Ol Drake of British Thrashers Evile decided to record a Metal version of Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Born This Way’. I was quite happy in my ignorance not knowing or ever having heard of the song, but Ol Drake changed that damn him, because morbid curiosity got the better of me.

Why Drake? Why?


Speaking of Evile…

The band have released a brand new song, ‘Eternal Empire’ for streaming. The song comes from Evile‘s forthcoming album Five Serpent’s Teeth, which, as I mentioned earlier, is scheduled for release September 26 (and much earlier in Europe).

Want to hear the new song? It’s s available for streaming at here and free e-mail sign-up is required first. I’d check it out, but I don’t have the attention span to go through that process, just embed a Youtube clip dammit!


Start your week with…

…A plague to End All Plagues!

Don’t start your week with a wank, get a girlfriend instead you sad fuck! That’s what I told myself this morning, but enough about that, and more about Metal. This week, I advise you start your week with this epic tune from Evile.

The band’s forthcoming album, Five Serpent’s Teeth, is scheduled for release September 26th, 2011 through Earache Records.


Now Playing

Ever seen that trending topic on Twitter #nowplaying? Of course you have, and now you’re seeing me doing it on Dose of Metal. Why? Because I’m so awesome an original, and besides, my opinion rules all.

So without further ado: #nowplaying Evile – Thrasher

Evile‘s ‘Thrasher’ is fantastic, and you haven’t checked it out yourselves, now is your chance. What’s so great about it? Well one, it’s Evile. Two, it’s called Thrasher. And three, erm it’s a great Thrash Metal track and today is Thrash Friday. Ok so Thrash Thursday would sound a lot better, but Friday is the start of the weekend and the time to party, so that’s what I’m going for.


Evile announce Five Serpents’ Teeth

Evile, “the popular Rock outfit”, have announced that their forthcoming album will be called Five Serpents’ Teeth, and is scheduled for release in August this year.

Matt Drake gives the announcement, plus a whole array of shit I cannot be bothered to type up, in the video above.

Expect the album to kick your ass, kill your mother, beat your ears, crush your heart, and eat you soul, among other things.

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