The Big 5: New school thrash bands

I think most of us can agree that thrash is an awesome genre, one of the best genres in metal.  I mean, you got Testament, Sodom, ExodusDeath Angel and obviously a lot more.  These bands released wicked albums 20 plus years ago and some of them are still releasing  quality albums. (Death Angel being the best today but that’s for another discussion).  Also, you can’t forget The Big Four, these guys are the reason why thrash metal is still a respected genre to this day.  Master Of Puppets, Rust In Peace, Among The Living, Reign In Blood, these albums are classics – not just in thrash, but in metal history.

But what about the new bands? Is there a new Big Four?  No, but I decided to list the five biggest new school thrash bands today.   Two of the bands are somewhat popular in metal already, the other three are up and coming and releasing awesome stuff.

So, if you’re someone stuck listening to the oldies (don’t worry, I’m not telling you to stop), then give some of the new guys a chance.

Make the jump for the Top 5 new school thrash bands.

Bonded By Blood

Formed: 2005
Origin: Pomona, California
Recommended Album: Exiled To Earth (2010)



Formed: 2004
Origin: Huddersfield, England
Recommended Album: Infected Nations (2009)


Municipal Waste

Formed: 2001
Origin: Richmond Virginia
Recommended Album: The Art Of Partying (2007)


Toxic Holocaust

Formed: 1999
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Recommended Album: An Overdose Of Dose (2008)



Formed: 2004
Origin: Newbury Park, California
Recommended Album: Waking Into Nightmares (2009)


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