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Spotlight: The Evil Amidst, Immanifest, St. Madness

Time to turn on the spotlight and review three bands that contacted us via our ‘Your Band’ form. If you’re in a band and would like to be featured on this spectacular site, contact us here.

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Spotlight: Cause For Revelation, Falling Anvils, Ratzinger

Spotlight on, we’re covering artists who turned to us via our ‘Your Band’ form. If you’re in a band and want us to cover you for a review or an interview, go here. These following bands have contacted us for reviews of their latest works. Let’s get right into it after the jump.


Incoming: Debauchery

Debauchery is a German Groove/Death Metal band that started in 2000 and released six albums so far, played with some of the biggest bands of the Death genre and made frontman Thomas Gurrath lose his day job.

Meet Debauchery, a band that still gets unfairly called a Six Feet Under rip-off, after the jump.


Incoming: Hackneyed

In 2006 four kids from Germany, the youngest being 13 and the oldest being 17 years old, decided to start a band.

Within the next three years, this bunch grew from kids playing music together into a Death Metal band, that released two albums on one of the most respected Heavy Metal labels worldwide.

Meet Hackneyed after the jump.


Incoming: TesseracT

If you haven’t heard of TesseracT before, you can be forgiven, but Prog Metal fans, now is the time to pay attention.

Formed in possibly the geekiest way possible, U.K. Prog Metallers TesseracT started to take shape from internet based communities and a love for Meshuggah. If you think these guys will be just another Meshuggah clone though, you’ll be mistaken, as TesseracT bring their own unique sound to the table.

Gaining praise from Meshuggah, Textiles as well as much of the Metal media, TesseracT have signed with Century Media Records and will finally be releasing their debut album (titled One) in 2011. TesseracT will definitely be a band to watch out for this year.

So, want to check out some tracks from this Prog Metal monster? Just keep reading after the jump.

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