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Spotlight: Damage Inc. (Metallica tribute band)

It’s not easy being in a tribute band. Sure, you play other people’s songs, but you’re also faced with a lot of criticism, fanboy snobs and being constantly compared to the band you’re honoring.

But Damage Inc. is not just a random Metallica tribute band. They cover the songs quite faithfully and lead singer Chris Knight looks a lot like James, too.

I think these guys do their job well and I got to talk to three of the four guys in this band.

So if you want to read their opinion on Metallica, beachballs and read what Scott Ian thought of their solos, make the jump.


Spotlight: Woods of Ypres, The Soulless

This week in Spotlight, I’ll only be reviewing two albums instead of the usual three. Why? Because one of these two albums is way longer than I expected it to be and I simply didn’t have the time to review three albums.

Make the jump to read my reviews of the latest Woods of Ypres and The Soulless albums.


Spotlight: Cauldron, Rival Sons, New Noise Attack

I know I plug it every week but for those of you who are knew to the site, we have a form for bands who would like to get their work reviewed here. Email us there, be patient and you might see your band on the next edition of Spotlight.

This week, just like last week, we’re going for already signed bands who either submitted the albums themselves or through their labels. Also, I’ll be reviewing Earache Records’ new sampler ‘New Noise Attack MMXI,’ that features some of their best bands. Check out this week’s Spotlight reviews after the jump.


Spotlight: Cerebral Bore, Oceano, Hour of 13

It’s time for another edition of Spotlight. It’s time to review music so you know what to buy and what to steal to light it on fire. This week we’re going for already signed bands but fear not! If you want us to review your music, hit us up via the ‘Your Band’ form. We’ll answer your email as soon as we can but we’re busy guys. It’s not easy being metal, it’s a lot of fucking work.

Now make the jump for 3 reviews of Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore and Doom Metal bands!


Spotlight: Rudra, The Lost Broadcast

The people are waiting. The audience wants you to tear up the stage. Spotlight on for two bands who contacted us via the ‘Your Band’ form. Make the jump to see what I make of Rudra’s and The Lost Broadcast’s latest releases.

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