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Spotlight: The Evil Amidst, Immanifest, St. Madness

Time to turn on the spotlight and review three bands that contacted us via our ‘Your Band’ form. If you’re in a band and would like to be featured on this spectacular site, contact us here.

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Interview: Prophet (St. Madness)

What you see above are four guys from Arizona who don’t take themselves too seriously and sure as hell know how to rock. When you look at the picture and think “Juggalo!” then you’re damn wrong, if you think “Black Metal!” then you’re damn wrong aswell. These guys, St. Madness, play Metal the way it should be played: loud, heavy, rocking and they’re having lots of fun doing it.

Prophet, singer and lyricist of St. Madness, turned to us via our ‘Your Band’ campaign, in hopes for us to review their latest album ‘Saintanic’. The review of said album will be available next Monday, as part of the Spotlight category. But I also interviewed Prophet and you can read the interview after the jump.

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