Spotlight: The Evil Amidst, Immanifest, St. Madness

Time to turn on the spotlight and review three bands that contacted us via our ‘Your Band’ form. If you’re in a band and would like to be featured on this spectacular site, contact us here.

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The Evil Amidst – Lords of the Nine

Death Metal the way you should love it. Death Metal the way I definitely love it. The Evil Amidst play groovy Death Metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Co. You simply can’t go wrong with this album if you’re into any kind of Death Metal. You get lots of groove, sick riffs and great vocals. Also look out for an upcoming interview with the guys on Dose of Metal, the site everyone should love. The site I definitely love.


Immanifest – Qliphotic

Immanifest are a band that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Oh, someone’s sucking up now, huh? No, these guys seem to be pretty nice but this three song EP literally kicked my god damned ass and this usually isn’t my kind of music. I like me some Blackened Death but I never got into Symphonic Black Metal. Immanifest are a Symphonic Blackened Death Metal band and I fell in love with this EP. Good work, guys!


St. Madness – Saintanic

St. Madness, Saintanic and the album cover on the right. What kind of music are you expecting? Heavy Metal with lots of Southern Rock influences? I bet that’s not what you were expecting, same here actually. So, this album really surprised me, positively. This album features great, grooving and rocking Heavy Metal, including covers of Ozzy Osbourne (‘Crazy Train’) and J.J. Cale (‘Cocaine’). This is a fun album I’ll probably blast on my next party, which means I’m going to listen to it next time I drink a beer… alone.
Also, I interviewed Prophet, singer and lyricist of St. Madness, last week.


Do I have to plug the ‘Your Band’ contact form again? No? I just did it anyhow.

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