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Detsörgsekälf = most hated unknown metal band ever?

Detsörgsekälf hail from Toronto, Canada.  They are parody band of the black metal scene.  Just like us, they also do not take themselves serious.

Jump on the next page to see various links for Detsörgsekälf and a music video of the band, which happens to have over 700,000 views, mostly negative comments.

P.S Rob Cranny is a sexy beast and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.


Spotlight: Dozza & The Dragonslayers

Well, who the fuck are Dozza & The Dragonslayers? An unsigned band from Tromsø, Norway that likes to cream women in the face.

If you like metal with silly lyrics, check out this song

Or go to their MySpace page.


Incoming: Kailin

For fans of: I have no idea – Melodic Death Metal? Hardcore? Experimental Metal?

So, you’re probably wondering who Kailin are right? Actually, you probably aren’t, but you damn well should be! The answer is… Honestly, I have no fucking idea, but these guys somehow managed to make it onto my Facebook ‘like’ list, and after checking out their new song, I’m glad they did.

Hailing from my hometown, Worcester, UK, from a look of the band’s Facebook page, Kailin are a band full of personality and passion for the music they play. They have one demo available at the moment, titled Colours, which you can check out after the jump. The song is very promising, displaying some great diversity (always good to see from new talent). The track shifts from aggressive Metal into some fantastic ambient moments, without losing any of its cohesion or aggression. I definitely look forward to the debut EP/LP/whatever the band decides to release, and you should too.

More info after the jump.

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