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Cover your ears, close your eyes

How I looked when I heard that there might be new music by Poison

…It’s headlines time!

Bret Michaels said that one day, Poison might make new music again. What does this mean? When will it happen? Should I be wearing ear plugs at all times, or just when I’m near a radio? This is the music equivalent of walking through a minefield.

Suicide Silence have revealed the title for their upcoming album. It will be called The Black Crown and is expected to feature 2343 breakdowns.

People behind the Grammy Awards have decided to trim down categories. There used to be Best Metal Performance and Best Hard Rock Performance categories, but now we’ll only have… Best Metal/Hard Rock Performance. Genius.

3 Inches of Blood have a new song out, while Five Finger Death Punch have an old member out… Out of the band apparently. Does that make them Four Finger Death Punch now? I’m just kidding, like I know how many people play in that band.

And last but not least, Dose of Metal got more awesome.


Dave is gonna be busy this summer

After news broke that The Big Four would only do one U.S. show, many gullible hopeful fans were expecting more dates to be added. Well, maybe this news will make them reconsider, as Dave and co. will be busy this summer with their own tour.

Disturbed and Godsmack are rumored to be topping the bill on this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, which is expected to kick off sometime in July. Also scheduled to appear are Megadeth, Machine Head, In Flames, Suicide Silence and Unearth, among others. writes Blabbermouth. Full details tomorrow, January 26th.

Read full article here.

Tough luck, guys. Seems like Megadeth is busy touring with Disturbed and Godsmack… Who cares about Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax, right? Maybe you get lucky and Sully Erna performs some of his amazing solo stuff, too. Fingers crossed!


Live Review: As I Lay Dying, Wolverhampton (UK) 27-11-10

Another week and I’m back from another gig. This time, it was a bit of a scene fest (unfortunately), with four Metalcore (ish) bands on the bill, at Wulfrun Hall. As I Lay Dying were headlining, with support coming from Sylosis, Heaven Shall Burn, and Suicide Silence. I’m knackered, but you know I love you guys, so I’m going to give you a review of the gig.

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Suicide Silence are heavy

Suicide Silence, another one of those annoying Deathcore bands, claim their next album will be ‘heavy’ and ‘catchy as hell’.

That’s nice. In other news, Mark of Dose of Metal claims his next post will be the heaviest yet. Exciting stuff.

Source: Blabbermouth


Suicide Silence know their Facebook

Suicide Silence

…because they’re using the dirtiest trick in the book to get you to download their new free song (actually, not a song, it’s a remix): It’s free, but you have to go to their Facebook page. It’s there, but you have to “like” something first. You can download it, but you need to add an app first. All your data is God knows where, but you finally have your hands on some crappy remix. Actually, considering how most people click on those things without thinking twice, who knows, this might be Suicide Silence‘s big break. Check out the Facebook page here.

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