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Disturbed meal

Ever wondered what David Draiman of Disturbed eats? Me neither.

Want to see an interview with him talking about his diet and exercise? Of course not.

Why am I posting that video then? To troll.



Oh noes, Disturbing shit!

Disturbed guitarist is confident his band will return” – Blabbermouth / Billboard.com

My heart just sank.  Please excuse the short post, I’m off now to cry into my pillow 🙁


Disturbed unveil artwork for new album

Disturbed have unveiled the artwork for their new album, The Lost Children.

The verdict? Disturbing… By which, I mean it’s as shit as all their other album covers. Make the jump to see it for yourselves.


Draiman puts a ring on it

David Draiman, of Disturbed, is hitting that. Yes, really. Her name is Lena Yada and yes, that’s her three times in the photo, it’s not three different girls, you racist.

Anyway, they’ll get married on September 25, in a ‘secret, undisclosed location.’ Because ever paparazzi in the country wants a photo of a relatively unknown guy, right?

But listen, I’ve made fun of David a couple of times, but look at what he’s tapping. Here is what I’m tapping: click.

Congrats, you guys, oh ah ah ah ah.

Make the jump to see a photo of them together, just to realize how shitty your life is.


Weak Recap: Weak Aside

When you’re writing for a metal blog, you’re more informed about what’s up in the metal world than the average Joe. You’ve got to, to keep your blog up-to-date. That has its ups and downs. On the one hand, you get to know more about your favorite musicians — and sometimes even insider knowledge, through friends you’ve made within the business. On the other hand, you sometimes get to know stuff that you didn’t even want to know — and you have to keep up with bands that you actually don’t give a damn about or even dislike.

Every once in a while, something really positive happens to you. One of those bands, you’re bound to cover because of their standing in the rock/metal world, a band that you can’t stand at all, gives up and calls it quits. It’s a downside being turned into an upside, because now you don’t mind writing about that particular band anymore. They split-up, time to celebrate that.

In case you don’t know just what the hell I am talking about: Disturbed aren’t disturbing us anymore and I would like to dedicate the above song to Draiman and his puppies.

That’s just something I had to get off my chest and I would also like to take this opportunity to make “breaking-up” a topic for this week’s Weak Recap. Make the jump to see us celebrating the death of a horrible band. Disturbed are dead, long live Dose of Metal.

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