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Monday overdose: Heaven Shall Burn

Nothing like an overdose on a Monday. I mean, it’s the beginning of the week, many of use have to return to work after a weekend of prostitutes, mass alcohol consumption and wild partying. So overdosing on metal is never going to be anything but a great thing to get the week going.

Ripped off from Inspired by Guido’s post on Saturday on Cult of Luna, I present to you today, Heaven Shall Burn.

The band are often classified as metalcore, but personally I find them far closer to the style of melodic death — and to be honest even that’s a slight stretch. The band implement quite a few styles, even black metal, but all I care about is that they’re heavy as fuck.

One of my favorite songs is ‘Combat’ taken from the album Invictus (Iconoclast III) and you can watch the video above.


Heaven Shall Burn guitarist’s new solo project

Guitarist of Heaven Shall Burn, Alexander Dietz, has a new solo project called Erode. He’s been working on an album, which is scheduled to hit stores on July 19th.

As a big fan of Heaven Shall Burn, I decided to check out Erode, but then I came across one problem. Erode aren’t even Metal. It’s Electronic/Industrial instrumental type music, I guess in a similar vein to Nine Inch Nails. That probably brings with it the question of why I’m even posting this when this site is called Dose of Metal, but I guess it’s to cater to the NIN fans, and to warn the rest of you so you don’t make the same mistake I did and waste 5 minutes of your life if this kind of music isn’t your thing.

You can listen to three of Erode‘s tracks over at Facebook.


Girls have balls too

Why can’t women drive? Because there’s no road between the kitchen and bedroom. Why can’t women sing Metal? Because that is neither sex, cleaning or cooking.

But seriously, sexism is something I cannot condone. Just check out the girl above screaming her way through Heaven Shall Burn‘s To Inherit The Guilt. She does a brilliant job, putting most men to shame, and certainly has more balls than myself. She needs to find herself a kitchen band ASAP.

Why can’t women drive?


Review: Heaven Shall Burn – Invictus (CD/DVD Boxset)

Photo by Simon Büttner

It’s 2010 (Yeah I know it’s not really), the world is one year younger than it is right now, and Heaven Shall Burn are back, as good as they ever were. Released back in 2010, it is only now that I’ve finally got my hands on the band’s latest release (the snazzy limited edition boxset version too), Invictus.

The riffs are bigger than my penis, the drums louder than my penis, the vocals harsher than my penis, and the bass is more bombastic than my penis; but how does the album compare to Heaven Shall Burn’s other efforts? Is the boxset worth the extra dosh? Will it provide more pleasure than my penis? And will the lyrical content be more mature than my mature porn collection? Find out after the jump.


Dose of – Heaven Shall Burn

Who are Heaven Shall Burn? I hear you cry. Only one of the finest Metal bands to come out of Germany in recent years, combining an aggressive, yet melodic sound that succeeds in standing out from the many other Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore bands of the last decade.

Once again, here I am saving you the 5 minutes it would take to Google the band, by posting my five top songs right after the jump. And by 5 top songs, I mean 5 random songs that kick major ass, as I’m way too lazy to actually think deeply about what my 5 favorite HSB songs. Regardless, Get on it after the wall of death. By which, I mean hurry up and click “continue reading.”

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