Remember Anthrax on Married With Children?

I’ve been on a big “Married With Children” kick as of late, watching a ridiculous amount of episodes.  I have many favourite  classic moments, but one that always comes to mind immediately, is when 80s thrash heads, “Anthrax,” were on the show.

If you haven’t seen that episode and want a brief explanation on it or just want to watch the 8 minute clip with Anthrax, then read on after the jump.

Before I give my mini review, I want to point out that Scott Ian never ages, ever! So props to him for looking the same 18 years ago.

So, yeah, basically chick magnet Bud and Kelly win a contest for Anthrax to come over and perform in front of them and their friends.  Only problem is, it’s just Bud, Kelly and Marcy in the house.  Anthrax refuse to perform, mainly because the deal was they perform to a certain amount of people.  Well,  it changes when they eat Pegs mystery packet.  They get high/baked/stoned, whatever and end up performing one of my favorite Anthrax songs, ” In My World,“.

It was a huge mistake for Kelly and Bud to get rid of Al.  I think it would have been epic if he met Anthrax.  He would tell them his glory days in high school (scoring four touchdowns in a game, etc).  I’m sure Al would have also tried to convince Anthrax he can be the missing piece to the band, a lie so he can get away from his family to be on the road with all those sluts, drink beer all day and actually eat (because we know Al hasn’t had a proper meal since he has been married).

Anyway, here is the 8 min clip.

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