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Weak Recap: We’re bringing sexy back

Another week behind us, another week of total metal kickassery. “But hey Simo, this week hasn’t been that special really…” – I hear some of you saying, and to clarify, when I say kickassery, I mean the way we’ve covered everything. Hell, we could comment on funerals or people sleeping and make it sound interesting as hell.

Kids, prepare your tissues and toilet paper, Mark and I are taking a trip down the memory lane, and it’s going to be sexy.


Jack Osbourne can’t handle criticism

Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack recently made an ass of himself on Twitter. Jack wasn’t too pleased with John Anderson’s review in Variety regarding his dad’s latest documentary called God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, which Jack  co-produced.

Dear Variety magazine, your review of my film is absolute bollocks. Your journalist obviously had his head up his arse the entire time.

Read tweet here.

If you actually read the article, you will notice that it’s quite positive. I mean, seriously, how can you not accept that review?

I honestly don’t know what’s worse — complaining over that review or the idea of letting Jack Osbourne produce a film.

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