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Metalheadlines: Boring edition

I’m not gonna lie to you, all the news in this post is boring as hell and probably won’t interest you. But hey, it is what it is, so let’s get rollin’:

New Ozzy guitarist Gus G. (pictured above) has an upcoming tutorial video for Guitarist Magazine. You can find a sample video right here. Don’t hold your breath.

Evile‘s new album is called Five Serpent’s Teeth and it will be released on September 26. If you’re like me, you probably don’t care about its artwork. But if you’re not like me, you can check it out here. It’s not bad.

I didn’t watch the 2009 Tony Awards, but I wish I did. Because this happened. And Bret Michaels is now suing them. The lawsuit itself has been moved to New York. Isn’t that where Metalsucks is located? They should go there and make fun of Bret in person.

Corey Taylor (of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame) wrote a book. He will read from that book online via a webchat. This chat happens Monday, July 11 ad 5 pm EST. If you happen to be online around that time, simply avoid this site.

Supergroup Chickenfoot signed a distribution deal with eOne Music. If you ever wanted to hear what a post-David Lee Roth Van Halen would sound like with Satriani on guitar and RHCP’s Chad Smith on drums, wait for their new album which is due in September.


Can you spare $13 million?

Ozzy and Sharon have yet another home on the market. This time it’s a Los Angeles mansion which will only set you back $13,000,000. Bargain!

The 6 bed, 10 bath, 11,000 square foot mansion boasts a re-design by interior designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, and was recently featured in Architectural Digest. The home, in the popular celebrity enclave of Hidden Hills, rests on a hill on the 2.25 acre estate, with city lights and mountain views. As you might expect given the listing price, the manse includes numerous luxury features: Travertine flooring, formal dining room, dressing area, formal entry room, maids quarters, gym, library, study, and a pool, among other amenities.

Read full article here.

Oh, I wasn’t gonna buy it, but now I read it has travertine flooring. Cancel the ads right now, if it’s got traventine, Alex is interested.

Why on Earth would anyone need 10 baths? Isn’t it ironic that Ozzy has 10 baths yet Zakk still never used any?

Anyway, $13,000,000 is $12,999,999 too much for me so I’ll pass.


Zakk Wylde talks about Randy Rhoads

According to Zakk Wylde and his interviewer, Randy Rhoads ‘flourished’ only after he joined Ozzy.

In a recent interview, this is what the former Ozzy guitarist had to say about, well, the former Ozzy guitarist before him:

Nothin’ for nothin’, the best thing for Randy was hookin’ up with Ozzy. […] Neal Zlozower [famous rock photographer] had seen him and he goes, ‘I know you love Randy and he’s your guy but I saw him back in the day with Quiet Riot and it was just like, ehhh.’

Read full interview here.

Quoting photographers and using that as an argument about a guitarist’s value. Cool. Were there any cameramen there, too? I’m sure they have a lot of input on Randy’s pre-Ozzy sound.

Listen, Zakk Wylde is a great guitarist and I respect his opinion on other guitar players, but who the hell cares what that Neal guy thinks of any guitarist? I’d like to see him take some criticism on photography from Kirk Hammett and Angus Young. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

Wait, that’s a saying about equal rights amongst sexes, isn’t it? Why do I try to sound smarter than I really am? 🙁


Gus and Zakk, sitting in a tree…

I usually don’t like posting photos of bad quality on this site, as they ugly it up, but that moment above was way too precious not to use. Aww…

So… Ozzy‘s new guitarist, Gus G., finally met the guy he replaced: Zakk Wylde. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Dave, if you’re reading this, see? You don’t have to hate your replacement if you were fired before he joined your band.

This is what Gus said last year:

No. I haven’t met Zakk, I didn’t contact him. I’ve read all the stuff that he has said about me in the press, and that was very nice of him and that really means a lot to me because if one of my all-time favorite guitar heroes is giving me the thumbs up only gives me more confidence.

So he was a fan and Zakk encouraged him in the press. You know, we gave Zakk a hard time for not showering, but dude seems to be pretty polite and friendly. Unlike other guitarists/vocalists we could mention.

Make the jump for a lot of vids of Zakk talking about his gear and guitar playing.


Weak Recap: Mark your territory

Last week’s been all about Mark. He’s posted the most posts (read: all of them) because everyone else was busy. He’s taken one for the team and spent less time watching porn and more time writing for the site.

So it seems fitting that this weekend I get to interview him and ask him what he thinks on (mostly) his posts from this week.

Actually, we just have an order of interviewing each other for this self-indulgent and shitty awesome Weak Recap thing, and it just so happens that it’s Mark’s turn to be interviewed. Last week he interviewed me.

Make the jump and read the interview with the most amazing DoM writer (after myself and the other guys).

P.S. = That’s not Mark and his girlfriend above. Mark’s girlfriend is much fatter.

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