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Drunk man searches for Ozzy

This story is one we can all identify with, I’m sure.

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune, an 18 year old teenager was arrested early Monday morning after he went on a drunken hunt for Ozzy Osbourne, which led to him throwing a flower pot through the glass panel of a front door at a South Lake Tahoe, California home. And no, it wasn’t Ozzy‘s home.

But honestly, who can say that they’ve never done this before? This used to be a regular Friday night event for me.

The man allegedly caused $8,000 of damage. Read more on the story at Blabbermouth.


Kerrang votes Most Influential Rock Bands

So first off, I need to set the record straight. I’ve never bought or read a Kerrang! magazine myself, just like I’ve never read a Metal Hammer magazine. The only metal magazines I get once in a while are Nuclear Blast’s BLAST! magazine and a couple more Merchandising magazines. I’m informing you of that because I want to make clear that my following rant is not meant to be offensive towards a magazine I’ve never even read myself.

With that being said, Kerrang! magazine are having a Top 10 — about the most influential rock groups of the last 30 years — in their next issue and, at first look, it’s incredibly bad and people on other websites are already bitching about it. But you have to take three things into consideration before you make a judgement about said list.

  1. The list was voted by the readers of Kerrang! magazine, therefore it’s not Kerrang’s fault if the list is garbage.
  2. A Top 10 list, especially about a topic like that, is pretty hard to tackle and some people are always going to disagree with some, or all, of the places.
  3. Commenters on Blabbermouth are bitching. So fucking what? That’s all this site is known for.

Now, make the jump to finally see the list and to read my comments about each band, that made the list.


Ozzy won’t cry over Black Sabbath

Ozzy was part of a legendary metal band. THE metal band, as far as I’m concerned. So it’s no surprise that the press will always nag him with Black Sabbath-reunion-related questions.

So you’ll never guess what someone asked him in a recent interview. I’ll give you a hint: It was about whether or not a Black Sabbath reunion would happen.

I haven’t got a clue. If they want to call me, they can call me. I never say never. If it works, fine. If it don’t, I’ll move on. It ain’t the end of the world. I ain’t gonna get a box of Kleenex and cry my eyes out for the rest of my life. […] We’re not kids anymore. I don’t wanna bullshit them and I don’t want them to bullshit me. Why should I go back to that and be unhappy when I’m happy right now? I mean, I would love to do a great album with Black Sabbath. I would love to get the credit we so roundly deserve. At the same time, the pressure would be really intense. I could go tomorrow and make an album with them, but it wouldn’t necessarily be something I would be proud of.

Read full interview here.

Can a new Sabbath album be worse than his reality show? What is he worried about? I say go for it.


Ever wanted to see Ozzy open a CD box?

Me neither, that’s why we won’t be looking at it here. Here’s a video mashup of Ozzy and Dio performing a true classic. Yeah, inspired by Guido’s post earlier today, I’m trying to stir some shit up. Or am I just remembering our fallen metal heroes? Good metalhead. Fight. Sit.

But, to address a certain doubt that arose once I saw the article promoting some new Ozzy shit, yes, he can actually open a CD/DVD/deluxe boxset for whatever he just released, without medical assistance. Cool, huh?


Jack Osbourne can’t handle criticism

Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack recently made an ass of himself on Twitter. Jack wasn’t too pleased with John Anderson’s review in Variety regarding his dad’s latest documentary called God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, which Jack  co-produced.

Dear Variety magazine, your review of my film is absolute bollocks. Your journalist obviously had his head up his arse the entire time.

Read tweet here.

If you actually read the article, you will notice that it’s quite positive. I mean, seriously, how can you not accept that review?

I honestly don’t know what’s worse — complaining over that review or the idea of letting Jack Osbourne produce a film.

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