Zakk Wylde talks about Randy Rhoads

According to Zakk Wylde and his interviewer, Randy Rhoads ‘flourished’ only after he joined Ozzy.

In a recent interview, this is what the former Ozzy guitarist had to say about, well, the former Ozzy guitarist before him:

Nothin’ for nothin’, the best thing for Randy was hookin’ up with Ozzy. […] Neal Zlozower [famous rock photographer] had seen him and he goes, ‘I know you love Randy and he’s your guy but I saw him back in the day with Quiet Riot and it was just like, ehhh.’

Read full interview here.

Quoting photographers and using that as an argument about a guitarist’s value. Cool. Were there any cameramen there, too? I’m sure they have a lot of input on Randy’s pre-Ozzy sound.

Listen, Zakk Wylde is a great guitarist and I respect his opinion on other guitar players, but who the hell cares what that Neal guy thinks of any guitarist? I’d like to see him take some criticism on photography from Kirk Hammett and Angus Young. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

Wait, that’s a saying about equal rights amongst sexes, isn’t it? Why do I try to sound smarter than I really am? 🙁

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