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Dave Mustaine says Metallica jam was ‘magical’

As we all know, Dave joined Metallica on stage at their 30th anniversary shows… Dave seems very happy about that, since he keeps saying how great it was. Which is cool, considering the way he talked about Metallica a few years ago…

I think you can see from the way the guys lit up that it was mutually beneficial for everybody. We all expected something magical to happen, and it did. We were playing stuff off the first record that I’d written in my teenage years. It was a blast.

Read full article here.

Aww, Dave is in love. <3


Even more bands for Download


More than a dozen new bands have been added to the Download 2012 line up, and if you had any doubts about going or not, one (or more) of these will probably help you make your mind up:

  • Megadeth
  • Slash
  • Rise Against
  • Steel Panther
  • Black Label Society
  • Kyuss Lives!
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • As I Lay Dying
  • Billy Talent
  • Periphery
  • Fear Factory
  • and more!

Billy Talent?!? OMG I’M SO THERE!!!1!1 No, but seriously, that’s some nice lineup, joining the already awesome lineup of Metallica, Black Sabbath, and most importantly – The Prodigy, plus a shitload of more good to great bands.



Megadeth go behind the scenes, yo

Music videos are almost a thing of the past. Do you remember the days when labels would invest millions into a single music video? Of course you don’t, cause that was back in the early 20s.

So what is there to see when it comes to Megadeth‘s video? I don’t know cause I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched that clip. But maybe you will, so enjoy.



Former Megadeth members get together

…and they’re jamming like there’s no tomorrow. Former Megadeth guitar player Jeff Young met up with band’s former bass player James LoMenzo, also joining them was drummer Jeff Bowders. This is unrelated to Young’s new project, Souls on 11, and it’s more of a “in the moment” type of thing. You get what I’m saying? They’re sending their chill vibes all over the place.

You can check the video above and for more of “young vibes” check out Soul on 11‘s ReverbNation page.


Oh yeah…

I wanted to end my “Jaymz/paparazzi” post with a joke, but I simply forgot to write it. So I’ll write it here… Ahem:

Jaymz, you don’t like paparazzi? Well if you want anonymity, just join Megadeth. No one will ever take your photograph!


Come on, that was good… Someone reddit/4chan/9gag it!!!11

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