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Want to hear “new” Megadeth?

So Th1rt3en leaked and the almost universal opinion of internet ranters seems to be ‘it sucks, but doesn’t suck as much as Lulu (as if anything does)’.

Personally, I haven’t heard it yet, and if you haven’t either, the following song may be new to you. And by “new”, I mean it’s just a re-recording of a track originally released as a bonus song for members of the band’s fan club who pre-ordered 2007 album, United Abominations. So yeah, not new at all… Oh well.

Check out the track ‘Black Swan’ above courtesy of Hot Topic. Th1rt3en will be released in North America November 1st, via Roadrunner Records.


Th1rt3en is drawing nearer…

Damn simultaneous releases, this almost feels like a competition between Metallica and Megadeth now… uh… wait… Scratch that.

Megadeth haven’t gone the full nine yards as their friends (insert sarcastic “ahem” here), and still keep us in suspense regarding how the remaining tracks on the new album will sound. However, for the most eager ones the final artwork, as well as the lyrics for each song and a gallery of HD promo pics of the band, have surfaced here.

Why on earth they appeared on the French page of Roadrunner is anyone’s guess.


Chris Broderick gets interviewed

Megadeth‘s Chris Broderick just got interviewed. Sunday, slow news, lazy writer, I might as well post this instead of trying to think of a worthy post. I’m not even at home, so give me a break, okay?



Lulu vs. Thirteen

Well, since Lulu and Thirteen (sorry, I couldn’t spell it the way Dave wants if I tried) have the same release date, I thought that the clip below, which is a radio rip and I hope it won’t go down in 2 days time, should help settle the score.

Of course, I’m fully aware that:

1) Lulu is going to sell heaps better than Thirteen
2) “Shut the fuck up already, faggot, Lulu is not even a Metallica album”
3) I’m a lobotomized ape who couldn’t understand intellectual music and profound lyrical meaning to save his life. Nonetheless, in my extremely biased book, Dave wins hands down this time.

In fact, there’s no contest at all. Yes, I’m self absorbed, pompous, thickheaded, a simpleton and all that… But however hard I tried, I am not a table.


Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations


Fresh of the recently debuted Korn‘s dubstep track, I got an amazing (and very original) idea for a Top 10: let’s take a look at some of the most drastic transformations in hard rock and metal.

List is mostly based on music, though we all know metal goes hand in hand with fashion, so we’ll feature some of that as well. Read on to find ten examples of some of the most horrific, embarrassing or simply plain stupid transformations, in what is could be the first out of two articles.

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