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Even more bands for Download


More than a dozen new bands have been added to the Download 2012 line up, and if you had any doubts about going or not, one (or more) of these will probably help you make your mind up:

  • Megadeth
  • Slash
  • Rise Against
  • Steel Panther
  • Black Label Society
  • Kyuss Lives!
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • As I Lay Dying
  • Billy Talent
  • Periphery
  • Fear Factory
  • and more!

Billy Talent?!? OMG I’M SO THERE!!!1!1 No, but seriously, that’s some nice lineup, joining the already awesome lineup of Metallica, Black Sabbath, and most importantly – The Prodigy, plus a shitload of more good to great bands.



Tuesday Trivia: Tom Morello’s sexy secret

Tom Morello

I just stumbled on this article which details Tom Morello’s early days in Los Angeles, where he moved after graduating from Harvard. The funny part? After the jump!


Steel Panther make YouTube video

Remember Freddie Wong? We interviewed him some time ago because why wouldn’t we?

He’s a pretty major YouTube player nowadays, one of the most subscribed content creators who keeps getting celebrities in his videos, which is awesome.

This week he’s had none other than Steel Panther (who?) in his vid. The band is performing while he ducks giant balls. No, not kidding.

Make the jump to see a behind the scenes video from him. If you can stomach a middle aged man putting lipstick on, that is.


Steel Panther FOR TEH PARTEE

I wonder if FTP (for the party) is a real acronym or did I just blow everyone’s mind again… Nevermind. What you see above is Steel Panther, a “hair metal revival” band performing with Sebastian Bach (ex-Skidrow) and singer Cee-Lo Green at a show in Holywood last night.

As easy as it is to make fun of them — I won’t. I mean, look at the clip. They’re obviously having fun, and they obviously have more girls on stage than I’ve ever been able to make verbal contact with. All I have is this room, a computer and hair loss issues. Goddammit.

You can find more videos from the performance here.

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