Jaymz don’t like paparazzi

James Hetfield allegedly ‘attacked’ paparazzi as they were taking photos of him and his son in Uruguay.

Why would anyone go to Uruguay to begin with?

Anyway, here’s what the article is saying…

The rocker was spotted taking a moped ride with his son Castor in the countryside of Punta Del Este and the paparazzi would not leave him alone, so he took it upon himself to try and stop them. James confronted a few and even threw some rocks at some, out of frustration. We understand he’s a hardcore rocker, and was annoyed by the paps, but he shouldn’t be throwing stones at them. Paparazzi have to feed their families too.

Read full article here.

Hardcore rocker? This isn’t the 80s, buddy, James is anything but hardcore nowadays. If anything, he’s a soft core pop-rocker.

And stones? Why stones, James? You are the table, just ram the motherfuckers.

As a famous guy myself, I know what it’s like to deal with the paps, so good on ya, James. Us handsome and rich people need to protect ourselves from the poor who want to take our photos and worship us. Oh yeah, check the original article — photos of the so-called attack therein.

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