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Friday Top 10: Greatest Metallica solos

Last week, for the first time ever, we missed the chance to write a Top 10 because we were lazy busy. Instead of publishing a ‘Friday Top 10’ on a Saturday, we’ve decided to simply work on a bigger Top 10 for ‘next Friday’ — which is this Friday cause this happened last week. Confused? So am I.

Anyway, this is more than just a Top 10. I will also talk about 5 runner-ups and will make it a Top 15.

Now, let’s get back to business. I talk a lot about how James is THE guitarist of Metallica, and people give Kirk a lot of shit for his playing. But truth to be told, Kirk wrote some of the best metal solos of all time. His 80s lead work is legendary and has probably influenced countless lead guitarists.

You can get the most technically proficient lead guitarist in Metallica, it won’t guarantee better songs. Kirk’s soloing just gels with James’ riffs, in my opinion, and this Top 10 will take a look at some of his best work.

Arranging the solos by ‘quality’ is very hard. You tend to ‘root’ for your favorite songs. So I tried to be as objective as I could and simply judge the solo itself, regardless of how much I like the rest of the song.

Disclaimer: This article will not talk about speed, length or other technical aspects. It is simply about what I think are Metallica‘s greatest solos, judged on how good they sound on their own and how well they fit the song itself. So all you guitar dorks out there, watch out.

Now that we got out of the way, we can carry on with the top itself. Make the jump.


Friday Top 10: Ugliest guitars

Guitars are beautiful and they make anyone look good. But what happens when some musicians get extremely ugly ones? Is it because they lack good taste or do they just want to stand out?

Either way, some guitars used by known musicians are atrocious looking, and that’s what this Top 10 is all about. Make the jump and let’s laugh at some hideous instruments.

Note: This top is based solely on aesthetics (it means ‘looks’ for all you SOAD fans). It has nothing to do with price, quality or the guitarists themselves. It is based on what I consider ‘ugly looking’ instruments.

Everybody on? Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful.

*UPDATE*: Dear trolls and nitpickers, I have written my follow-up to this article: Top 10 Best looking guitars. Enjoy!


Surf’s up, bra!

Nothing says metal like surfing on a blue surfboard. Luckily, neither Kirk nor Metallica are metal so I guess it’s okay. See? He didn’t even do the devil horns properly.

Anyway, you might think Kirk is home practicing guitar with a metronome, but you’d think wrong. He’s in Hawaii surfing. Well, why wouldn’t he? Next time he has problems keeping up with James on stage, he can just add a ton of wah to hide it… Oh wait.

But yeah, if you fancy seeing more photos of Kirk surfing, check out more photos here.


Kick the baby remix

Kirk Hammett (Metallica)

We’ve already written about Kirk Hammett‘s incident with the ball and a little girl’s face. Twice. Since we’re so original, we’re going to do it again. Someone must have thought that the only thing wrong with the previous video was the horrible background noise (aka Metallica), so they’ve edited it. Say goodbye to Metallica, say hello to kung-fu movie type of sound effects. Video after the jump!


Kirk Hammett doesn't hate kids

As previously reported, Kirk scored a field goal during a live show, but at the other end of the ball was a little girl’s face.

Some people were wondering who that kid was or if she was hurt, but most people just pointed and laughed, really. Anyway, a recent update on MetOnTour.com sets the record straight.

You may have been reading some reports and watching some YouTube video of Kirk accidentally kicking a balloon and knocking a child down. I want to set the record straight here. The child is the daughter of a Metallica crew member, and she was experiencing the joy of the balloons dropping. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Kirk did not see her when he kicked the ball. The little girl did not receive any injuries, and she was not “sent flying several feet into the audience.” Both the little girl and Kirk are fine, and are still friends. Thanks for everyone’s concern and support.

Read the post here, if you have an account.

Well, since the little girl is alright, you can keep watching that video, guilt free.

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