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Kirk told Dave to play all the solos

When Dave played with Metallica a few nights ago, he was a bit confused as to what versions of the songs he should have played. Luckily Kirk stepped in and saved the day:

I was trying to figure out, Do I learn the demo versions of the songs or the Kill ‘Em All versions of the songs? Well, I found out it was the Kill ‘Em All versions. OK, do I learn my solos from the demos, or Kirk’s solos? What solos should I play? Then, when I got there, Kirk said, ‘You know, why don’t you play all the solos?’ And I was like, ‘Oooh!’ [laughs] I had to quickly go through my bag of tricks.

Read full interview here.

They should have done a ‘Four Horsemen vs. Mechanix’ performance. Yup.


Anthrax and Kirk sitting in a tree…

Kirk “The ball-to-little-girl’s-face kicker” Hammett, Metallica‘s guitarist, joined Anthrax on stage in San Francisco.

It happened last night and he did guest vocals (huh?) on “I Am The Law.”

Then he remembered he sort of plays guitar, and played “Whiplash.”

The audio from the clip above is awful. There’s another clip after the jump, audio is just as bad. So yeah, don’t watch it.


Ian, Burton, Hammett – The Three Musketeers

Scott Ian posted a cool story of his friendship with the late Cliff Burton on his blog, and it’s a pretty awesome read. I just couldn’t help myself and had to do that photo above. Why? Read below…

Love how fat Kirk looks in that photo, by the way.

Anyway, here is the (somewhat) short version of the story. Make sure to read the full thing when you have the chance:

I knew Cliff for three years and in those three years became good friends with him and Kirk, bonds that have lasted and stood the test of time. We were the three musketeers when we were together and we got to spend a lot of time together back in those days.

I was in London in March of 1984 doing promo for our first album Fistful Of Metal. Metallica was also in London because they were supposed to do a tour with The Rods and Exciter in the UK but the tour was cancelled. […] One day Cliff and I were going to a store so Cliff could buy a Walkman. We were in the tube station and two policemen approached us and asked us if we had drugs. We said no, big surprise. Truth is, we didn’t. They kept telling us that we should just tell them what we have and things would be easier for us. We kept telling them that we didn’t have anything. I guess they didn’t believe us being the long haired freaks that we were because they arrested us and took us to the police station. […]

At some point I heard Cliff’s voice and I started banging on the door screaming at them to tell me what was going on. A cop opened the window in the door and told me “they were taking my mate back to the flat so they could search it.” Apparently they had found Cliff’s cold medicine pills in his coat and they assumed it was illegal drugs. […]

So now they were taking him back to the apartment and I got really nervous because I knew he had weed back there. If they found the weed we were fucked. All I could think of was that movie Midnight Express where the guy gets busted in Turkey for smuggling and sent to Turkish prison and nobody ever sees him for years […]

It’s easy to get irrational when you’ve never been arrested for anything and you’re sitting in a cold concrete cell in a foreign country in your underwear for five hours with no clue as to what is going on. Another two hours or so passed and the cell door opened and a cop was handing me my clothes and telling me I was to go to the Captain’s office. […] To my surprise, Cliff was already there lounging in a chair with a huge Cheshire cat grin. I figured we were OK but I still had no idea what happened and how they didn’t find the weed back at the flat. The Captain started to apologize to us and tell us how “sorry he was for the mistake and us being falsely accused and that the cold medicine really was cold medicine etc etc.” I freaked. […]

As soon as we were outside I asked Cliff what the hell happened back at the flat. He told me that they (Cliff and six cops) walked into the flat and Kirk was in the living room playing guitar. The cops proceeded to search the flat for an hour to no avail. They couldn’t find anything. I asked Cliff where the weed was hidden, like he had some super secret hidey hole to stash his shit. He started laughing and asked me where would be the first place I would look if I was a cop searching a flat looking for drugs. I told him I would look under the mattress of his bed.


The weed was under his mattress and the cops never looked there!! I couldn’t believe it. The Metal Gods were looking down on Cliff and I that day.

Read full story here.

Wait, is he saying what I think he’s saying? Did these guys commit a felony?

Holy shit, someone should call the cops! I have a feeling the inmates will REALLY love Kirk.

Make the jump for a photo of Scott and Cliff from that period.


Kirk Hammett thinks you’re rich too

The thing about being in Metallica is, sometimes you probably forget not everyone in the world is worth 200 zillion dollars. We all remember Hetfield casually talking about traveling in a private jet, as if everyone reading that could relate, right?

Well, seems like he’s not the only guitarist in Metallica who assumes everyone else is loaded, too. Kirk just released his own guitar straps, and guess what — they can cost up to $550 each.

Kirk, that is more money than most of your fans spend on their guitars. Hell, Dave probably can’t afford that, what makes you think your fans do?

That’s the strap in the photo above, which I stole got off his site, and in all fairness, the $550 one is the most expensive model. The prices range from $150 to $200 for the other three models, but that’s still a lot in my opinion.

I can’t comment on how great they are, but judging from the photos, they seem like they’re pretty well made. But again, I’ve seen guitar/amp combos cheaper than those straps, kids who want to grow up and play guitar like Kirk (a dying breed, btw, everyone just wants a Macbook to do dubstep nowadays) will most likely not afford them. Professional musicians who can afford it probably don’t care for the Hammett signature.

But hey, good luck with your business venture, and feel free to ship me a few if you want a review. I’ve already reviewed Jaymz’ picks some time ago, and that was all out of my own pocket. Throw in an autographed CD, and I’ll review the shit out of them, say they were handcrafted by God himself. [/shameless whore]


This is what made Jaymz cry

As Simo wrote yesterday, Lou Reed apparently made both James and Kirk cry. Now, no surprise there when it comes to Kirk. But Jaymz? That’s something.

So here are the lyrics that made both Metallica guitarists soft (to say the least):

“Junior Dad”

Would you come to me
If I was half drowning
An arm above the last wave
Would you come to me
Would you pull me up

Would the effort really hurt you
Is it unfair to ask you
To help pull me up

The window broke the silence of the matches
The smoke effortlessly floating
I'm all choked up

Pull me up
Would you be my lord and savior
Pull me up by the hair
Now would you kiss me on my lips

Burning fever burning on my forehead
The brain that once was listening
Now shoots out its tiresome message

Won't you pull me up
Scalding my dead father has the motor
And he's driving towards
An island of lost souls

Sunny - a monkey then to monkey
I will teach you meanness fear and blindness
No social redeeming kindness

Oh-or-state of grace
Would you pull me up
Would you drop the mental bullet
Would you pull me by the arm up
Would you still kiss my lips
Hiccup: the dream is over
Get the coffee: turn the lights on
Say hello to junior dad
The greatest disappointment
Age withered him and changed him
Into junior dad
Psychic savagery

To be fair to them, they do have a pretty bad family background, so it does feel a bit mean picking on them for this. Then again, read the title of the page. This is DOSE OF METAL, if we’re not being mean, we’re simply not doing our jobs.

Can’t wait to hear the whole record, though. And by ‘can’t wait’ I mean ‘don’t want.’

Source: Blabbermouth

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