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Kirk Hammett hates kids

If you’re a little kid, especially a little girl, and you’re anywhere near Kirk Hammett, watch the fuck out. He’s gonna knock you out.

Make the jump to see footage of Kirk kicking one of those Metallica balls in a concert, hitting a little girl right in the kisser. To make matters worse, rumor has it that it was James Hetfield‘s daughter…

Someone’s taking the “Seek and Destroy” lyrics literally. Oops.

When asked if he was jealous of the little girl for having a deeper voice than him, Kirk had no comment.


Kirk Hammett's still learning

Metallica‘s bimbo Kirk Hammett recently did an interview with Ultimate-Guitar.com and said the following about his guitar playing “You know, I think as a metal guitar player, I am decent. I am no Eddie Van Halen, but I am still learning, am still learning stuff day to day and still feel like I am growing. I also still think that my music writing is still getting better.”.

For once, I’ve got to agree with Hammett. He is decent. That’s where I stop agreeing with him, though. He’s obviously not getting better but maybe he’s just learning the wrong stuff day to day? Maybe he should stop jamming to the latest Bullet for My Valentine record and listen to some… uh… metal?

Read the full interview here.

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