How Lou Reed made Femmetallica cry


It’s more Metallica & Lou Reed shinfo time, guys. This time it’s kinda funny though, because we get to hear what makes Kirk and James cry like little girls.

Hammett tells Pulse of Radio: “I had just lost my father three or four weeks previously. I had to run out of the control room and I found myself standing in the kitchen, sobbing away.

James came into the kitchen in the same condition, sobbing too. It was insane. Lou managed to take out both guitar players in Metallica in one fell swoop with his amazing poetic lyrics.”

The lyrics in question are: “Say hello to Junior Dad, the greatest disappointment – age withered and changed him.”

I can’t really comment on the lyrics because I’m not in the same situation as those guys (James’ father left their family when he was 13). Still,  I can kinda imagine the scene and it makes me chuckle a bit. I mean seriously, with the album title such as Lulu and stories like these, they might seriously consider changing their name to the one in the title. Oh well, I’m going to hell anyway, so I’m taking some of you with me.


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