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Kerry King has doubts about future Big Four shows

If you haven’t seen The Big Four live, then maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up about future shows… At least according to Kerry King…

If you look at how much work went into making it all happen in the first place, then I really doubt we can do the same thing again. […] I know there are some parts where they’re angry not to have gotten the chance to see it. […] But I honestly doubt we can get our schedules to coincide like that again.

Read full article here.

Whilst I do agree that four active bands syncing their touring schedule is not the easiest thing in the world, but when money is involved, they’ll find a way. Let’s not forget the other three bands were enjoying the large crowds brought by Metallica. The DVD sold pretty well, too. They keep saying they get along. There’s nothing stopping them from doing them again.

I pretty much doubt a scheduling snafu will kill this major cash cow.



Kerry King fingers his guitar

Kerry King sure loves his guitar, because as you can see in the clip above, he gives it the index finger lovin’ technique we all used on our girls, right? Well, I did, anyway… Okay, so it wasn’t a real girl, just a blowup doll, but it still counts.

The audio is kinda bad and the video quality reminds me of the early 90s, so I can’t really say I’m happy with this video, but if you like Slayer (and you should), you’ll definitely check it out.

Another clip of him playing and an interview, after the jump. The article we stole got these clips from is here.


Kerry King’s favorite things

Kerry King of Thrash legends Slayer recently spoke to Spin about his favorite things in the whole wide world and apparently he’s a lot more multifaceted than me (I like beer, sleep, Metal, boobs – that’s about it).

I don’t have the energy to copy and paste everything from the Spin article, besides it being a pointless task anyways, so here’s just a couple of excerpts:

“‘Becoming’ by Pantera. Whenever you get asked a question like that this, the answer is whatever comes to mind first. But it’s Pantera and [guitarist] Dimebag Darrell was my boy. It’s one of my favorite Pantera tunes.”

“AC/DC live with Bon Scott, but I did see the movie Beyond The Thunder, and it seems like he would be a cool dude to party with!”

“Moreliapythons.com. Because I am a better snake breeder than I am a guitar player!”

Wait, what? His favorite website isn’t Dose of Metal? blasphe-fucking-my! Wait, that doesn’t work at all.

You can get the full article at Spin.com


Royal wedding special

TV, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it. The media’s been infested today by the royal wedding so we have to jump on the bandwagon.

But there’s one member of the royal family that didn’t make his appearance at that godforsaken wedding. His name is KERRY KING and thou shalt bow down to him.

Make the jump, mortal.


Friday Top 10: Best hair styles

Yup, you read that right, we’re changing shit up a bit this week, we’re going fashion conscious on your asses. Forget Vogue, it’s time for Dose of Fashion! Don’t worry though, you know this is Dose of Metal really and we’re not about to sell out (well, not unless it’s going to get us millions like Metallica).

Ok, so it’s a little vain, but here we are. We’ve done best tattoos and best looking guitars, so why not best looking Metal hair? Get your Friday Top 10 after the jump!

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