Kerry King has doubts about future Big Four shows

If you haven’t seen The Big Four live, then maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up about future shows… At least according to Kerry King…

If you look at how much work went into making it all happen in the first place, then I really doubt we can do the same thing again. […] I know there are some parts where they’re angry not to have gotten the chance to see it. […] But I honestly doubt we can get our schedules to coincide like that again.

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Whilst I do agree that four active bands syncing their touring schedule is not the easiest thing in the world, but when money is involved, they’ll find a way. Let’s not forget the other three bands were enjoying the large crowds brought by Metallica. The DVD sold pretty well, too. They keep saying they get along. There’s nothing stopping them from doing them again.

I pretty much doubt a scheduling snafu will kill this major cash cow.


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