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Hellyeah to ‘heavy it up’

Watch out, looks like Vinnie Paul is about to hit the cheese burgers and heavy shit up.

No, but seriously, he’s actually talking about his band, Hellyeah (Why is that one word? Seriously) who have plans for another album (please no!), in which they are to ‘heavy it up’ a bit.

Sounds exciting right? Ha, no I didn’t think so. Blabbermouth have all the news and a video or something… Did I watch it? Hellno!


New videos and free music round up


The title makes it sound like I’m going to provide for all your musical needs for at least a month, but it’s really just one song and a few videos. Well, you’re here, so… Make the jump and download the full Cavalera Conspiracy track, watch the video for “Better Man” by Hellyeah, “Ad Mortem” by Famine, or just scroll down and watch the best of the bunch, DevilDriver’s “Dead To Rights.”



Even though I have serious doubts that any member of Hellyeah can use a smartphone, they have released a free iPhone app. Isn’t that sweet?

If you have both an iPhone and horrible taste in music, make sure you get it here.

I thought Vinnie had gone creative and created an app that displays the nearest Jack Daniel’s shop or something… I was wrong, all it has is some BUY buttons for their songs and a bunch of other crap.

Make the jump for some screenshots I stole, it doesn’t really look promising but hey, what do I know? All I’m saying is, are Hellyeah fans actually likely to own an iPhone? I mean, shouldn’t they be doing stuff with Nascar or pickup trucks? Just saying, cater to your target audience.


Jagermeister do music

You know, when I first heard that Jagermeister would be doing a US tour, I booked my ticket to the States straight away. And then I heard that this isn’t a ’round the US trip, involving drinking lots of Jagermeister and generally doing what I do best; getting incredibly drunk. No, this is actually a Metal tour. So I can hear you crying out now “what’s wrong with that Mark?” I mean you’d think that’s even better wouldn’t you? Well, Hellyeah are playing… Need I say anymore? So of course, I cancelled all my plans and just went to the pub instead.

Also on the bill are Buckcherry, All That Remains and The Damned Things. Dates after the jump.


More shows? Hellyeah!


If you’re into metal and cowboys, you’re in for a treat, because your favorite band, Hellyeah, just added a few more county fairs and rodeo shows to their current tour. They’re also releasing a new single called “Cowboy Way“.

On a side note, I wonder if I could have squeezed in a few sodomy references in there… Too late for that now! Make the jump and see their December dates.

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