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Metalheadlines: Boring Tuesday edition

We’ve had a lot of news today, but make no mistake about it, it’s still been a shit day. So enjoy these boring headlines as there’s not much else to post right now.

Machine Head‘s Robb Flynn (pictured above) says he doesn’t time songs when he’s writing them with his band. They’re just going off the vibe. He also calls Metallica their masters.

Anthrax‘s Worship Music album has a track list, at least according to Amazon.com. Don’t forget, they also have an album cover and a release date.

Meshuggah should buy me a new keyboard, because their names are a fucking mess. Guitarist Mårten Hagström (what?) talked to some Romanian chick about their upcoming album. I didn’t really read the interview, and neither should you.

This Is Hell have entered the studio for a new album. According to their vocalist, ‘they can’t wait’ — Neither can I. I want the record out as soon as possible, because I want to stop wanting to avoid music sites in fear of having to listen to it.

Yngwie Malmsteen has such an ego, he makes Dave Mustaine look like Gandhi. Apparently he’s touring North America now, so you can check out the dates right here. Problem is, I don’t know if those are concert dates, or just McDonald’s restaurants Yngwie plans to eat at.

Phil Labonte of All That Remains is auctioning his shoes. Now, I don’t want to be mean, cause this is for charity, but who the hell would pay a few hundred bucks for used footwear? If you can answer that question, then go here and start bidding.

Rob Zombie says he doesn’t really think of music when he’s not working on it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think of music, ever, and he has 4 studio albums that stand behind that statement.

That’s it for now, join us next time for more boring fucking headlines.

[Photo credit: Gibson.com]


Phil Anselmo is really famous

Phil Anselmo was in Pantera. That is enough credibility in the metal community to get you godlike status. It’s no surprise that other musicians get excited when they meet him.

When Mike Martin of All That Remains met him, however, he acted like a little girl (his words, not mine) and maybe that’s a bit much…

I’m like a giddy little girl still from just taking a picture with him. I was so excited. I’ve been paying attention to that guy since I was ten years old, so just to see him standing ten feet away from him, I was [in awe]. He was really cool; he was like, ‘Let’s have a beer after.’ I was like, ‘OK. I’ll be back.’ So I’m gonna be that guy later on, ‘Remember, you said you’d have a beer.’

Watch interview after the jump.

I do know what he means. I also met a band I’ve been listening to since I was a small kid and it was a bit surreal seeing them in flesh and bones, shaking my hand and talking to me. It is weird and exciting at the same time. Little giddy school girl I was not, though… At least I’m saying this now to seem manly.


Not much remains

All That Remains

It is with sad heart I have to inform you that All That Remains are no longer amongst us. The metal community is invited for a moment of silence, as the band announce their tour dates supporting non other than Hollywood Undead on their summer tour. Not that All That Remains are the be all-end all of metal so we feel like we’re suffering a horrible loss, still it’s pretty fucking lame.

In case you don’t know, Hollywood Undead are those clowns (literally) that make nu metal of 10-years-ago seem like a the next best thing to come after renaissance and/or blow up dolls. You can check the tour dates here and know which cities to avoid this summer.


Jagermeister do music

You know, when I first heard that Jagermeister would be doing a US tour, I booked my ticket to the States straight away. And then I heard that this isn’t a ’round the US trip, involving drinking lots of Jagermeister and generally doing what I do best; getting incredibly drunk. No, this is actually a Metal tour. So I can hear you crying out now “what’s wrong with that Mark?” I mean you’d think that’s even better wouldn’t you? Well, Hellyeah are playing… Need I say anymore? So of course, I cancelled all my plans and just went to the pub instead.

Also on the bill are Buckcherry, All That Remains and The Damned Things. Dates after the jump.


All That Remains make music video

All That Remains released a new video, “Hold On,” which you can watch after the jump.

Question is, does it pass the AWESOME TEST I just came up with? Let’s see.

– Paper being blown by wind machine, check.
– Emo dude being emo on a couch, check.
– Random ginger chick in bathroom, check.
– Random smoke blowing out of nowhere, check.
– All of the above happening within the first 10 seconds of the video, check.

100% passed. Congratulations!

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