Death ’til Death – Day 5: Nile

Despite being pretty late to the party (no other band in this list released their debut album as late as they did), Nile changed the game and quickly became one of the most respected artists of the scene.

Nile formed in 1993 and released their debut album Among The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka in 1998. Between 93 and 98, the band recorded two demos, one EP and one single, and toured relentlessly.

Most Death Metal artists lyrically deal with gruesome themes, such as murder, torture, cannibalism or necrophilia. Nile are a notable exception of that, as their lyrics mostly deal with Egyptian themes, Eastern mysticism and religion. Nile therefore categorize their music as “Ithyphallic Metal.”

Nile’s music could be labelled either traditional Death Metal or Technical Death Metal, as their music combines the groove and heaviness of traditional Death and the speed and complexity of Technical Death.

Despite only releasing six albums since their formation 18 years ago, Nile have never released an album that was considered a critical flop. That is a feature Nile do not share with a lot of their peers, just take a look at Morbid Angel, Possessed or Cryptopsy. Nile therefore are considered a band who might take a lot of time to release an album but always feature constant high-quality output.

Nile – The Howling Of The Jinn

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